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Description:Hollywood plugin for FFmpeg codecs.
Developer/Porter:Andreas Falkenhahn


This plugin enables Hollywood to load and play many video and audio formats
supported by the FFmpeg library. After this plugin has been installed,
Hollywood's OpenMusic() and OpenVideo() commands will 'automagically' be able
to open and play a plethora of new audio and video formats.


Version 1.5: (09-Oct-22)
- Change: Amiga installer will now also copy the plugins for all platforms to Hollywood's
linker plugins directory so that they can be easily linked to executables (suggested by kas1e)
- New: Added support for parametric stereo in m4a files (requested by Petteri Valli)
- Fix: More efficient handling of uncommon channel layouts
- Fix: Illegal memory access in the raw video decoder (reported by Petteri Valli)

Version 1.4: (25-Mar-15)
- New: Added 64-bit builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
- Fix: Mono MP3s and other formats didn't work when in audio mode (reported by Krzysztof Radzikowski)
- Fix: When in YUV mode, avcodec.hwp always stored 4 plane pointers although there are only three;
this bug is completely harmless, though, and didn't have any practical effect

Version 1.3: (09-Jun-15)
- New [Linux]: Added build for Linux ARM
- Fix [Linux/MacOS]: Plugin is now compiled as position-independent code (PIC)
- Fix [OS3]: FPU version will cleanly exit now in case there is no FPU
- Fix: Incorporated some fixes from newer FFMPEG builds which solve the problem of
audio glitches when seeking audio streams because intermediate buffers weren't
flushed correctly
- New: Added support for Hollywood 6's "Adapter" tag
- New: Added support for Hollywood 6's video/audio streaming interface

Version 1.2: (21-Jul-13)
- New: Added support for playing FLAC files
- New: Added file type information for Hollywood 5.3

Version 1.1: (07-Jun-12)
- New: The plugin now also supports Hollywood's sound stream interface so that it
can be used to play sound streams in several formats like MP3, M4A, etc. as well;
useful on systems like AROS and Linux because Hollywood doesn't support MP3 playback
on them (requested by Richard Lake)
- New: Added binaries for Linux, Linux PPC, Mac OS X, Mac OS X PPC, and Win32
- Fix: Fixed a bug in the audio decoder that only occurred with some movies (reported
by Christoph Poelzl)
- New: Added resampling routines for videos that use a different channel layout than
stereo and/or a PCM encoding different from 16bit (reported by Christoph Poelzl)
- Fix: Raw H.263 probing code wrongly identified some GIF anims and JPEG pictures as
H.263 streams (reported by Simone Monsignori)
- Fix: WMV3 codec works correctly now (reported by Christoph Poelzl)

Version 1.0: (20-Feb-12)
- First release


This plugin was written by Andreas Falkenhahn <andreas@airsoftsoftwair.de>
See the COPYING file in this package for conditions concerning distribution
of this plugin. Visit http://www.hollywood-mal.com/ for more information
on Hollywood and more plugins.

Upload Date:Oct 10 2022
Size:5 MB
Last Comments
11 Oct 2022
The parametric stereo sampling seems to be working as it should, so a big thank you for that, as files now play at the correct speed, instead of in slow-mo-audio.