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Description:Amiblitz is the furtherdevelop of BlitzBasic 2 from Amiga.Acid Soft was so friendly to release the BB2 source as opensource. BlitzBasic is port to PC and furtherdevelop here too.We choose the Name Amiblitz for Amiga Version to make clear its diffrent now.
Developer/Porter:AmiBlitz Team
# AmiBlitz3
What we have got here is the complete package of AmiBlitz3 - a BASIC-compiler for 68k-amiga.

## Requirements are:
- 35megs of harddisc space
- 10megs of RAM to do things, _16megs of RAM to do serious development_
- Kickstart 2.04
- 68020 (not tested below)
- FPU ... but only when building FPU-optimized executables :-)

## Installation:
To get started with AB3, just download the repository and extract it somewhere on your harddisk.
You may copy the OS-libraries in Libs-Drawer to system's "Libs"-drawer before starting, otherwise the IDE will complain about mission OS-libraries.

## What this package contains:
Everything you need as of:
- Full IDE with needed OS-libraries
- localization for english, german and french available
- lots of documentations accessable from IDE (check "Help"-Menu)
- lots of usefull includes written in AB3 itself (with its own documentation)
- every include file has its own short demo in it, just compile and run them!
- some examples to demonstrate various features

## Where do I get further informations about it all?
Try the following sources:

https://www.amiblitz.de | various documentation about AmiBlitz3 (needs some updates)

https://www.amiforce.de | additional information and fora

https://www.facebook.com/groups/342460143062811 | english facebook-group

Upload Date:Nov 06 2022
Size:10 MB
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