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Description:A simple passwordmanager by Stefan Kleinheinrich.
Developer/Porter:Stefan Kleinheinrich
Short: PastePass
Author: Stefan Kleinheinrich
Type: system/tools
Version: 2.0

PastePass is a simple passwordmanager.

A complete reimplemenation using cryptostorage.library instead of a buildin Blowfish.

-Groups can be protected with a secondary password (context menu in the groups list).
-The main password can be stored in a separate cryptostorage vault which will be accessed
with your name (as stored in the MorphOS keyfile)
- hotkeys can be used to print out user and pass for the selected item into the active window
- ASCII import and export can be used to share/transfer data with other password managers
(including older versions of PastePass). You might need to adjust the format.

Itzik Gur http://itzikgur.deviantart.com/

Changed since 1.11:

- added French locale (Papiosaur)
- database gets set to "changed" on exiting settings so you will get reminded to save before quitting

Upload Date:Nov 26 2022
Size:76 KB
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