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Description:Roudoudou's Z80 Assembler
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: Roudoudou's Z80 Assembler
Author: Édouard Bergé
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: dev/cross
Version: 1.8
Architecture: ppc-morphos
URL: http://rasm.wikidot.com/english-index:home

RASM v1.8 (build xx/12/2022) (c) 2017 Edouard BERGE (use -n option to display all licenses / -autotest for self-testing)
LZ4 (c) Yann Collet / ZX0 & ZX7 (c) Einar Saukas / Exomizer 2 (c) Magnus Lind / LZSA & AP-Ultra (c) Emmanuel Marty

SYNTAX: rasm <inputfile> [options]

-oa automatic radix from input filename
-o <outputfile radix> choose a common radix for all files
-or <ROM filename(s)> choose a radix filename for ROM output
-ob <binary filename> choose a full filename for binary output
-oc <cartridge filename> choose a full filename for cartridge output
-ol <ROM label filename> choose a full filename for ROM label output
-oi <snapshot filename> choose a full filename for snapshot output
-os <symbol filename> choose a full filename for symbol output
-ot <tape filename> choose a full filename for tape output
-ok <breakpoint filename>choose a full filename for breakpoint output
-I<path> set a path for files to read
-no disable all file output
-depend=make output dependencies on a single line
-depend=list output dependencies as a list
if 'binary filename' is set then it will be outputed first
-s export symbols %s #%X B%d (label,adr,cprbank)
-sz export symbols with ZX emulator convention
-sp export symbols with Pasmo convention
-sw export symbols with Winape convention
-ss export symbols in the snapshot (SYMB chunk for ACE)
-sc <format> export symbols with source code convention
-sm export symbol in multiple files (one per bank)
-ec export labels with original case
-er export ROM labels
-l <labelfile> import symbol file (winape,pasmo,rasm)
-eb export breakpoints
-wu warn for unused symbols (alias, var or label)
-sl export also local symbol
-sv export also variables symbol
-sq export also EQU symbol
-sa export all symbols (like -sl -sv -sq option)
-Dvariable=value import value for variable
-m Maxam style calculations
-dams Dams 'dot' label convention
-ass AS80 behaviour mimic
-uz UZ80 behaviour mimic
-pasmo PASMO behaviour mimic
-amper use ampersand for hex values
-msep <separator> set separator for modules
-utf8 convert symbols from french or spanish keyboard inside quotes
-fq do not bother with special chars inside quotes
-quick enable fast mode for ZX0 crunching
-cprquiet do not display ROM detailed informations
-map verbose assembling (prototype)EDSK generation/update:
-eo overwrite files on disk if it already exists
-sb export breakpoints in snapshot (BRKS & BRKC chunks)
-ss export symbols in the snapshot (SYMB chunk for ACE)
-v2 export snapshot version 2 instead of version 3
-me <value> set maximum number of error (0 means no limit)
-twe treat warnings as errors
-xr extended error display
-w disable warnings
-void force void usage with macro without parameter
-mml allow macro usage with parameters on multiple lines

Upload Date:Dec 13 2022
Size:889 KB
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