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Description:RNOTunes is a GUI based audio player application with support for many different audio formats
Short: Multi-format audio player
Uploader: jpv@morphos-user.com (jPV^RNO)
Author: jPV^RNO
Type: mus/play
Version: 1.1
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Requires: TheBar.mcc, AmiSSL v4 (optional)


RNOTunes is a GUI based audio player application with support for a wide
variety of audio formats.


- Supports MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Protracker, DigiBooster,
SID, AHX, FastTracker II, ScreamTracker, OctaMED, The Player, NoisePacker,
ProRunner, Oktalyzer, Impulse Tracker, Ultra Tracker, Ice Tracker,
Liquid Tracker, Quadra Composer, and many other formats
- Configurable GUI with a cover image display
- Loads embedded cover images and other metadata from MP3, FLAC, and Ogg
Vorbis files
- Built-in Last.fm scrobbler
- Lyrics display
- Tune properties editor which saves changes to a local database
- Internal playlists
- Import common playlist formats and export M3U playlists
- Automatic/manual saving of the last session
- All time playcount saving
- Tune rating option
- Extensive file selection functionality
- File delete option
- ARexx, Command Line, and tooltypes support


- Copy the whole directory anywhere you want and just launch the program.


- Audio files or directories can be dragged & dropped into the tune list.
- Clicking the album cover image thumbnail opens the image in a separate
- Internal playlists are much quicker to load than external playlists.
- Selected tunes can be added to the selected playlists by "Add to playlist"
menu item or with the Cmd-L keyboard shortcut.
- The "Edit properties" menu item (I) can be used to edit information of the
active tune. It can be used to add a custom cover image, rating value, or
override values obtained from the file. Relative volume compared to the
master volume can also be adjusted there.
- If the cover image display is enabled, the program looks for an image in
this order:
1) if an image has been set for a tune in the Properties window
2) if there's an embedded image in the loaded audio file (MP3, OGG, FLAC)
3) if the Search File setting is enabled, a separate image file (JPG or PNG)
is searched from a tune's directory with this algorithm:
1) if the directory contains less than 50 files and the found image file
name starts with a "cover", "front", or "albumart" word
2) if the image file name contains the album name
3) if the directory contains less than 20 files, any image is taken
(also GIF and BMP are accepted)
4) if the image file name starts with the word "folder"


Program settings can be found in the program's pull-down menu and they will be
saved to the ENVARC:Hollywood/com.wmhost.jpv.rnotunes file.


RNOTunes uses non-standard command line arguments. Arguments must be given
in the form of (note the "-" prefix): -argument parameter

RNOTunes [file] [arguments]

-add . . . . . . . . . - Adds a file/dir to the tune list.
-addplay . . . . . . . - Adds a file/dir to the tune list and plays it.
-playlist <name> . . . - Selects an internal playlist at startup.
-playlistfile <file> . - Imports an external playlist file at startup.
-defdir <dir> . . . . - Sets the default directory for adding new files.
-cxkey <key> . . . . . - Sets a hotkey to iconify/un-iconify the program.
-nolegacyaudio . . . . - Uses AHI's Unit 0 for audio output (default for NG)
-legacyaudio . . . . . - Uses AHI's Music Unit for output (default for 68k)

RNOTunes Work:MP3/music.mp3 -add
RNOTunes -playlist MyPlaylist

The same arguments can be used as icon tooltypes, but by omitting the
"-" prefix.

CXKEY=ctrl alt r


Program's ARexx port is RNOTUNES and supported commands are:

PLAY . . . . . . . . . . . . - Toggles between play and pause.
NEXT . . . . . . . . . . . . - Plays the next tune.
PREV . . . . . . . . . . . . - Plays the previous tune.
VOLUME <0-100> . . . . . . . - Sets the volume between 0 and 100.
RANDOM <0|1> . . . . . . . . - Sets the random play mode ON (1) or OFF (0).
SCROBBLE <0|1> . . . . . . . - Sets the Last.fm scrobbler ON (1) or OFF (0).
REPEAT <list|tune|none> . . - Sets the repeat mode.
ADD <file|dir> . . . . . . . - Adds files or directories to the tune list.
REMOVEALL . . . . . . . . . - Removes all entries from the tune list.
ICONIFY <0|1> .. . . . . . . - Iconifies (1) or un-iconifies (0) the program.
QUIT . . . . . . . . . . . . - Quits the program.
GET <STATE|VOLUME|RANDOM| . - Returns the requested information. <column>
SCROBBLE|ICONIFY| can be any of the column names and it returns
FULLPATH|<column>> a corresponding value of the active tune.

RXCmd RNOTUNES "ADD Work:Music/ExampleAlbum/"


Version 1.1:
- Added button graphics previews in the settings window
- Button graphics can be swapped without restarting the program
- Optimised removal/deletion of tunes
- Added an option to hide/show filename extension(s) when a filename is used
as a title in the tune list
- Improved filename extension hiding for formats that start with an extension
- Adding new Last.fm users failed if the db directory didn't exist
- The Last.fm scrobbling setting was left enabled if its initialising was
- Added import support for M3U8, EXTM3U, PLS, WPL, and XSPF playlists
- External playlists can be dragged & dropped into the tune list if they have
a common filename extension (the program exports them as .m3u itself)
- Added support for system notifications via MagicBeacon (MorphOS),
Ringhio (OS4), and Ranchero (OS3)
- The delete requester is more verbose
- The position slider works better with the mouse wheel
- Keyboard shortcuts can be localised
- Initial fixes/work-arounds/safety-checks for Vampire and BPPC issues
- Added Flat graphics by Highlander
- Improved documentation
- Added an Italian catalog
- Minor tweaking


- Video presentation of RNOTunes: https://youtu.be/YNx7Axwhx1E
- Please visit https://jpv.amigaaa.com/ for screenshots, support, donations,
and other software.
- This program is made with Hollywood: https://www.hollywood-mal.com/


- Salvatore Abbate for the idea and support
- Neil Pearson for testing and proof-reading
- Konrad 'recedent' Czuba for default graphics
- Carlo 'AMIGASYSTEM' Spadoni for additional graphics and icons
- Christophe 'Highlander' Delorme for Flat graphics
- Densho/RNO for the logo
- Papiosaur for the French translation


This software is made available to you as Freeware and you may use this
software in whatever way you wish, but the author accepts no liability for
any damage caused to your system, other connected peripherals, or data files
in any way by using this software.

Please consider the time and effort I put in to create this utility for your
use and enjoyment. If you feel it is useful to you, please consider sending me
a PayPal donation that represents the benefit you gain from using it. The
donation can be sent to the email address quoted in this ReadMe.txt file
(Uploader) or click the Donate button shown on https://jpv.amigaaa.com

Upload Date:Apr 11 2023
Size:9 MB
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