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Description:Converter from BMP to Intellivision
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: Converter from BMP to Intellivision
Author: Oscar Toledo Gutierrez
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: gfx/conv
Architecture: ppc-morphos; m68k-amigaos

Converter from BMP to Intellivision Background/Foreground format
v1.2.0 Apr/15/2021 by Oscar Toledo G. http://nanochess.org


intycolor image.bmp image.asm [label]
Creates image for use with assembler code

intycolor -b [-n] [-p] [-i] image.bmp image.bas [label]
Creates image for use with IntyBASIC code

-n Removes stub code for display in IntyBASIC mode
-p Uses PRINT in IntyBASIC mode
-o20 Initial offset for cards is 20 (0-63 is valid)
-m Tries to use MOBs for more than 2 colors per card
-c Doesn't use constants.bas for -m option
-i Generates BITMAP statements instead of DATA
-i2 Generates BITMAP statements using X and .
-r output.bmp Generate BMP report of conversion in file
red = error, green = GRAM, yellow = GROM
grey = MOB
-g clue.txt Exact clues for -m, text file up to 8 lines:
The final 0/1 indicates 8x8 or 8x16
Suggestion: run with empty text file and
option -r to see what cards require MOBs
-x p/grom.bin Path and file for grom.bin, by default it
searches in current path for grom.bin
-fx Flip image along the X-coordinate (mirror)
-fy Flip image along the Y-coordinate
-a All 8x8 cards as continuous bitmap in output,
doesn't generate card data.
-e45d2 Replace color 4 with 5 and d with 2 before process,
useful to recreate same image with other colors.
-d Process image in chunks of 16 pixels high, useful
to create MOB bitmaps.
-v Process 8x8 cards in vertical direction first.
Useful for horizontal scrolling bitmaps and -a option.
-k4 Add 4 blank cards to generated data
-kx4 Pad generated data to a multiple of 4 cards
-q16 Define bitmaps in blocks of 16 cards (default)
When not using music player in IntyBASIC, limit is 18
When using ECS Music player in IntyBASIC, limit is 13
-t Tutorvision mode (GRAM supports 256 defined shapes)
Only available for Color Stack mode.

By default intycolor creates images for use with Intellivision
Background/Foreground video format, you can use 8 primary
colors and 16 background colors for each 8x8 block.

Using the flag -s0123 creates images for use with Color Stack
mode, the 0123 can be replaced with the sequence of colors
you'll program in the Color Stack registers (hexadecimal 0-f)

intycolor will warn you if your image cannot be represented
by a real Intellivision

If you add the plus sign (for example -s0000+) it will try to
to replace solid 4x4 blocks with Colored Squares cards
(allowing 4 colors per 8x8 block).

It can use GROM characters if you provide grom.bin in current

It requires a BMP file of 8/24/32 bits, remember Intellivision
screen is a fixed size of 160x96 pixels but this utility will
accept any multiple of 8 pixels in X,Y coordinates.

The -a option is for working over monochrome bitmaps and
generating a continous bitmap for scrolling with more than
the limit of GRAM definitions (the program must define the
bitmaps as the scrolling goes on).

Upload Date:Apr 23 2023
Size:73 KB
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