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Description:TextEditor custom class for MUI by TextEditor.mcc Open Source Team.
Developer/Porter:Jens Maus
Short: TextEditor custom class for MUI
Author: TextEditor.mcc Open Source Team
Uploader: Jens Maus <mail jens-maus de>
Type: dev/mui
Version: 15.56
Replaces: dev/mui/MCC_TextEditor-15.55.lha
Requires: AmigaOS 3.0+, MorphOS or AROS, MUI 3.8+, 68020+/PPC604e+
Architecture: ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0; m68k-amigaos >= 3.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.2; i386-aros; ppc-aros; x86_64-aros

ABOUT TextEditor.mcc

TextEditor.mcc is a multiline string gadget which offers most of the common
features you can find in a typical text editor, but embedded in a MUI custom
class. It is used by a wide range of well-known MUI based applications like
YAM or SimpleMail as the main text editing gadget. Its main features are:

- Text can be colored (limited syntax highlighting)
- WYSIWYG for bold, italic and underline soft styles
- Multi-level undo & redo
- Lines with different alignments (left, right, centered)
- Ability to insert thick or thin separators with an optional title
- Easy marking either using the mouse or keyboard
- Full clipboard support, offering very fast cut & paste routines
- Light text highlighting for e-mail based on an opening ">" character
- Support for external spellcheckers, including type'n'spell and word
- Configurable keys, colors, cursor types, blink speed, and much more
- Ability to have a bitmap as a background
- Support for proportional fonts with floating word wrap, as well as
antialiased fonts
- Horizontal scrolling in no word wrap mode.
- Support for very long lines (more than 50000 chars in a single line).
- Pixel smooth scrolling
- AREXX interface for scripted programming

TextEditor is available for AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS.

Manual Installation
1) Extract the archive to a temporary directory.

> cd RAM:
> lha x MCC_TextEditor.lha

2) Go to the "MCC_TextEditor/Libs/MUI/<OS>" directory where <OS> is the directory
matching the operating system you want to install TextEditor.mcc for:

> cd MCC_TextEditor/Libs/MUI/AmigaOS4

3) copy all #?.mcc and #?.mcp files found in that <OS> directory to the
global "MUI:libs/mui/" directory on your system partition:

> copy #?.mcc MUI:Libs/mui/
> copy #?.mcp MUI:Libs/mui/

4) reboot and enjoy the new version ;)


TextEditor.mcc was originally written in 1997 and is Copyright (C) 1997-2000
by Allan Odgaard. As of version 15.10, released in April 2005, the gadget is
maintained and Copyright (C) 2005-2021 TextEditor.mcc Open Source Team.

TextEditor.mcc is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
(LGPL) and the development is hosted at github.com:


Please consult the included "COPYING" file for more detailed information
about the licensing of the gadget and its source code.


Please refer to the included ChangeLog in the archive for a detailed information
on the changes since the last public release.

Upload Date:Aug 31 2021
Size:870 KB
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