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Description:A 68k Macintosh Emulator for MorphOS by Christian Bauer and Ilkka Lehtoranta.
Developer/Porter:Christian Bauer
Short: 68k Macintosh Emulator for MorphOS
Author: Christian Bauer, Ilkka Lehtoranta (ilkleht@isoveli.org)
Uploader: Ilkka Lehtoranta (ilkleht isoveli org)
Type: misc/emu
Version: 1.2
Architecture: ppc-morphos

Basilisk II is an open source 68k Macintosh emulator. It can emulate
either a Mac Classic or a Mac II series machine with colour display
and sound.

* Harddisk support with 64bit addressing
* Supports LUT and ARGB display modes on all screens including Ambient
* Uses AHI unit 0 for sound
* Supports CD-ROM
* Ethernet and serial drivers
* All PC keyboard keys are supported in emulation
* Supports wheel mice

Note to PowerUp users: it is probably better run Shapeshifter or Fusion on
the 68k than Basilisk II on the PPC. Basilisk II uses UAE CPU engine and
BPPC/CSPPC is too weak.

Changes in Basilisk II 1.2 MorphOS version
* Added support for 64bit DOS (MorphOS 2 required)
* Now uses standard about box (MorphOS 2 required)
* Clipboard now supports local charsets (MorphOS 2 required)
* Fixed 8bit fullscreen mode
* Added RDB support

Changes in Basilisk II 1.1 MorphOS version
* Added Russian catalog in courtesy of Vinnny
* Removed CreateIORequest() calls from ethernet driver
* AHI player process now clears the task port on exit

Changes in Basilisk II 1.0 MorphOS version
* Small optimizations
* Added locale support and German catalog in courtesy of Ingo Schmitz

Changes in Basilisk II 0.9.3 MorphOS version:
* Integrated UAE CPU engine from Basilisk II 1.0
- now supports FPU
- notably faster
* Fixed color problems in 8bit modes

Changes in Basilisk II 0.9.2 MorphOS version:
* Can create hardfiles in GUI
* Can quit emulator at anytime ("emergency quit")
* Optimized for speed
* Added frameskip option

MorphUp: http://www.lehtoranta.net/morphup/index.pmi

Differences to AmigaOS version:

This version doesnt run MacOS "natively" (natively as in virtual 68k engine in
MorphOS) but uses UAE 68k emulation engine. Performance is relatively poor but
good enough to run demanding 68k games (040 was the best CPU used on 68k Mac).

Support for Mac HD floppies is removed because built-in floppy controller on
Pegasos is not supported in MorphOS.

NSD and P96 support was removed since it is not relevant on MorphOS.

AHI support was rewritten and uses high level API instead of old lowlevel API
which blocked other programs doing audio. It also defaults to 48000Hz/16bit now.

The largest possible MacOS RAM size is 1024MB but the minimum is 16MB.

SCSI no longer respects CHIP/24BITDMA flags.

Source code to Basilisk II with MorphOS changes is available at AmiNet.

Upload Date:Aug 12 2016
Size:477 KB
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