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Description:Port of VLC Media Player (http://www.videolan.org/) for MorphOS by NaTmeG.
Developer/Porter:Rupert Hausberger
Short: VLC for Morphos
Type: gfx/show
Author: Rupert Hausberger <naTmeg(!)gmx.net>
Version: 0.8.6f


Port of VLC Media Player (http://www.videolan.org/) for MorphOS

- MorphOS 1.x
- bsdsocket.library
- powersdl.library
- tinygl.library

Just extract to HD.

Name Type Status
- cgx_overlay Video output Working
- cgx_wpa Video output Working
- cgx_vmem Video output Not implemented
- cgx_tinygl OpenGL provider Working
- ahi Audio output Not implemented
- ahi_dev Audio output Working
- mui Interface Not implemented

Workbench start
Doubleclick to select a file to play via ASL.
It will be started with "vlc -I dummy <file>".

Shell start
vlc --help get a overview.
vlc --longhelp get a long overview.
vlc --longhelp --advanced get a long and advanced overview.
vlc --module <name> --advanced get info about a specific module.
vlc --list --color -vvv get a list of the supported modules.

Start a file
vlc ram:test_video.avi
vlc --color "ram disk:test video.avi" (note the spaces and "")

Force a specific vout
vlc --vout cgx_wpa video.mpg
vlc --vout opengl --opengl-effect cube video.mpg

Start a DVD with menus
vlc dvd://cd0:

"-v" - minimal debug output
"-vvvv" - maximal

For detailed instruction read VLC-docs.

1. Edit "MorphOS:WBStartup/FileTypesPath" and add a entry for VLC.
2. Open Ambient-Settings.

3. Doubleclick "Filetypes/Video" to edit.
4. Press 'Add', and type "Play with VLC.." at 'Name'.
5. Press 'Add', and select 'AmigaDOS'.
6. Add "Run >NIL: `type env:pathapp/vlc` -I dummy %sp" (without "")

3. Doubleclick "Filetypes/Internal/x-morphos-globalaction-device" to edit.
4. Press 'Add', and type "Play DVD with VLC..." at 'Name'.
5. Press 'Add', and select 'AmigaDOS'.
6. Add "Run >NIL: `type env:pathapp/vlc` -I dummy dvd://CD0:" (without "")

7. Save anyting.


The default-keys are defined in PROGDIR:home/.vlc/vlcrc.
If you don't like the key-sttings below, just change them in the file described above.

To make things easier, i made a complete list of the default keys..

Description Name Keyboard
Activate key-nav-activate = Enter
Navigate down key-nav-down = Down
Navigate left key-nav-left = Left
Navigate right key-nav-right = Right
Navigate up key-nav-up = Up

Go to the DVD menu key-disc-menu = Ctrl-m
Select next DVD title key-title-next = Ctrl-f
Select prev DVD title key-title-prev = Ctrl-p
Select next DVD chapter key-chapter-next = Ctrl-d
Select prev DVD chapter key-chapter-prev = Ctrl-u

Next key-next = n
Previous key-prev = p
Stop key-stop = s
Play/Pause key-play-pause = Space
Play only key-play = Unset
Pause only key-pause = Unset

Fullscreen key-fullscreen = f
Position key-position = t
Faster key-faster = +
Slower key-slower = -

Quit key-quit = Ctrl-q
Record key-record = Ctrl-r

Mute key-vol-mute = m
Volume down key-vol-down = Ctrl-Down
Volume up key-vol-up = Ctrl-Up
Audio delay down key-audiodelay-down = Ctrl-l
Audio delay up key-audiodelay-up = Ctrl-k

Very short backwards jump key-jump-extrashort = Shift-Left
Very short forward jump key-jump+extrashort = Shift-Right
Short backwards jump key-jump-short = Alt-Left
Short forward jump key-jump+short = Alt-Right
Medium backwards jump key-jump-medium = Ctrl-Left
Medium forward jump key-jump+medium = Ctrl-Right
Long backwards jump key-jump-long = Alt-Ctrl-Left
Long forward jump key-jump+long = Alt-Ctrl-Right

Crop one pixel from the bottom of the video key-crop-bottom = Alt-k
Crop one pixel from the left of the video key-crop-left = Alt-j
Crop one pixel from the right of the video key-crop-right = Alt-l
Crop one pixel from the top of the video key-crop-top = Alt-i
Uncrop one pixel from the bottom of the video key-uncrop-bottom = Alt-Shift-k
Uncrop one pixel from the left of the video key-uncrop-left = Alt-Shift-j
Uncrop one pixel from the right of the video key-uncrop-right = Alt-Shift-l
Uncrop one pixel from the top of the video key-uncrop-top = Alt-Shift-i

Play playlist bookmark 1 key-play-bookmark1 = F1
Play playlist bookmark 2 key-play-bookmark2 = F2
Play playlist bookmark 3 key-play-bookmark3 = F3
Play playlist bookmark 4 key-play-bookmark4 = F4
Play playlist bookmark 5 key-play-bookmark5 = F5
Play playlist bookmark 6 key-play-bookmark6 = F6
Play playlist bookmark 7 key-play-bookmark7 = F7
Play playlist bookmark 8 key-play-bookmark8 = F8
Play playlist bookmark 9 key-play-bookmark9 = F9
Play playlist bookmark 10 key-play-bookmark10 = F10
Set playlist bookmark 1 key-set-bookmark1 = Ctrl-F1
Set playlist bookmark 2 key-set-bookmark2 = Ctrl-F2
Set playlist bookmark 3 key-set-bookmark3 = Ctrl-F3
Set playlist bookmark 4 key-set-bookmark4 = Ctrl-F4
Set playlist bookmark 5 key-set-bookmark5 = Ctrl-F5
Set playlist bookmark 6 key-set-bookmark6 = Ctrl-F6
Set playlist bookmark 7 key-set-bookmark7 = Ctrl-F7
Set playlist bookmark 8 key-set-bookmark8 = Ctrl-F8
Set playlist bookmark 9 key-set-bookmark9 = Ctrl-F9
Set playlist bookmark 10 key-set-bookmark10 = Ctrl-F10

Cycle video crop key-crop = c
Cycle audio track key-audio-track = l
Cycle deinterlace modes key-deinterlace = d
Cycle source aspect ratio key-aspect-ratio = a
Cycle subtitle track key-subtitle-track = k

Go back in browsing history key-history-back = Ctrl-v
Go forward in browsing history key-history-forward = Ctrl-b

Show interface key-intf-show = i
Hide interface key-intf-hide = Unset

Subtitle delay down key-subdelay-down = Ctrl-j
Subtitle delay up key-subdelay-up = Ctrl-h

Take video snapshot key-snapshot = Alt-Ctrl-s
Dump key-dump = Shift-Ctrl-d

The following directories are used by the morphos-version
PROGDIR:home/.vlc - VLC home
PROGDIR:home/.dvdcss - libdvdcss home
PROGDIR:home/.dvdnav - libdvdnav home
PROGDIR:home/.freetype - libfreetype home

DVD key files

DVD maps files

Font file

Note: You can copy any .tff-font here. Just rename it to "font.ttf" or edit vlcrc.

The audio volume is set to 1/4 of max after the start of VLC
Start VLC with "--volume 1024" or, to make it permanent, edit
home/.vlc/vlcrc and set "volume=1024". (Remove the # at linestart).
Now you should have a volume of 100% at each start.

If no windows is open (no vout), do NOT immediately quit VLC by pressing CTRL-C.
Instead try to enter "quit" in the console and press <return> 1-2 times.
If this does not return to command prompt, press CTRL-C.

It does fully quit
Press <return> in the shell, 1-2 times.

Keyboard events are not triggered. I think some thread thing. (NEED REBOOT)

Network overall
Not fully ported yet, some stuff may work, or not.

Rupert Hausberger <naTmeg(!)gmx.net>

- Fab (tips and libdvdcss morphos-code)
- bigfoot (tips)

2008.06.01 - beta6
- Added MorphOS OpenGL (TinyGL) provider module.
- Added freetype-module, and so ttf-OSD text.
- Added modplug-module for all kind of tracker-mods. (untested)
- Improved all MorphOS modules. Combined functions, made things using less space and memory.
- Enabled aspect-ratio- and corp-cycling when pressing 'a' or 'c'.
- Prepared source for a mui interface module.

2008.05.25 - beta5 (bugfix release)
- Now keys from vlcrc are used and can be defined in there.
- Implemented audio-volume handling to ahi_dev module.
- Implemented wb-start and added VLC.info. (no tooltypes)
- Fixed libdvdnav stuff. (now realy)
- Fixed mouse-pointer offsets.
- Fixed new-line problem in the shell.
- Fixed config-load/save stuff.
- Fixed option --longhelp crash.
- Fixed all getenv(HOME) to PROGDIR:home.
- Fixed hit when pressed the RMB.
- Got rid of usergroup.library.

2008.05.23 - beta4 (hotfix)
- Fixed dependency bug that makes DVD access not working and crashing the app.
- Now the device name is used, instad of device:unit. Like "ide.device:1" -> "CD0:".
- Got rid of the VLC: assign. (thx tokai)

2008.05.22 - beta4
- Implemented DVD support with menus and mouse-control through libdvdnav.
- Reworte condition-handling in naThreads. Now signals are used instead of simple delays.
- Fixed a52/ac3 volume problem.
- Fixed aspect-ratio problem.
- Fixed wrong redraw at window-resize, both in wpa and overlay.
- Some small fixes and improvements.

2008.05.18 - beta3
- Impemented overlay video output.
- Overlay output is now enabled by default.
- Adjusted thread priorities to better working values.
- Added more OSD output.

2008.05.01 - beta2
- Got rid of ixemul.
- Got rid of pthreads.
- Wrote and implemented naThreads.
- ahi_dev now make use of naThreads.
- Enabled SDL.
- Enabled OpenGL.
- Enabled A52.
- Now it's much faster, cos real threads.
- Switched from usr:local to vlc:

2008.04.14 - beta1
- Inital.

196 modules
main main program
help Help options
a52 A/52 parser
a52 A/52 audio packetizer
a52sys Raw A/52 demuxer
a52tofloat32 ATSC A/52 (AC-3) audio decoder
a52tofloat32 ATSC A/52 (AC-3) audio decoder
a52tospdif Audio filter for A/52->S/PDIF encapsulation
access_directory Standard filesystem directory input
access_directory Directory EOF
access_fake Fake input
access_file File input
access_filter_dump Dump
access_filter_record Record
access_filter_timeshift Timeshift
access_ftp FTP input
access_http HTTP input
access_mms Microsoft Media Server (MMS) input
access_output_dummy Dummy stream output
access_output_file File stream output
access_output_http HTTP stream output
access_output_shout IceCAST output
access_output_udp UDP stream output
access_realrtsp Real RTSP
access_tcp TCP input
access_udp UDP/RTP input
adjust Image properties filter
adpcm ADPCM audio decoder
ahi AHI audio output
ahi_dev MorphOS AHI device audio output
aiff AIFF demuxer
aout_file File audio output
aout_sdl Simple DirectMedia Layer audio output
araw Raw/Log Audio decoder
araw Raw audio encoder
asf ASF v1.0 demuxer
au AU demuxer
audio_format Audio filter for PCM format conversion
avi AVI demuxer
bandlimited_resampler Audio filter for band-limited interpolation resampling
blend Video pictures blending
cgx_overlay MorphOS Cybergraphics Overlay video output
cgx_tinygl MorphOS OpenGL(MorphOS TinyGL) provider
cgx_vmem MorphOS Cybergraphics VMEM video output
cgx_wpa MorphOS Cybergraphics WritePixelArray video output
cinepak Cinepak video decoder
clone Clone video filter
cmml CMML annotations decoder
cmml CMML annotations decoder
crop Crop video filter
cvdsub CVD subtitle decoder
cvdsub Chaoji VCD subtitle packetizer
deinterlace Deinterlacing video filter
deinterlace Deinterlacing video filter
demuxdump File dumpper
distort Distort video filter
dolby_surround_decoder Simple decoder for Dolby Surround encoded streams
dts DTS parser
dts DTS audio packetizer
dtssys Raw DTS demuxer
dtstospdif Audio filter for DTS->S/PDIF encapsulation
dummy Dummy interface function
dummy Dummy access function
dummy Dummy demux function
dummy Dummy decoder function
dummy Dummy encoder function
dummy Dummy audio output function
dummy Dummy video output function
dummy Dummy font renderer function
dvbsub DVB subtitles decoder
dvbsub DVB subtitles encoder
dvdnav DVDnav Input
equalizer Equalizer with 10 bands
export export
export M3U playlist exporter
export Old playlist exporter
export XSPF playlist export
faad AAC audio decoder (using libfaad2)
fake Fake video decoder
ffmpeg FFmpeg audio/video decoder/encoder ((MS)MPEG4,SVQ1,H263,WMV,WMA)
ffmpeg FFmpeg chroma conversion
ffmpeg FFmpeg audio/video encoder
ffmpeg FFmpeg demuxer
ffmpeg FFmpeg muxer
ffmpeg FFmpeg video filter
ffmpeg FFmpeg crop padd filter
ffmpeg FFmpeg deinterlace video filter
fixed32tofloat32 Audio filter for fixed32<->float32 conversion
fixed32tos16 Audio filter for fixed32->s16 conversion
flac FLAC demuxer
flacdec Flac audio decoder
flacdec Flac audio encoder
flacdec Flac audio packetizer
float32tos16 Audio filter for float32->s16 conversion
float32tos8 Audio filter for float32->s8 conversion
float32tou16 Audio filter for float32->u16 conversion
float32tou8 Audio filter for float32->u8 conversion
float32_mixer Float32 audio mixer
freetype Freetype2 font renderer
gestures Mouse gestures control interface
growl Growl Notification Plugin
h264 H264 video demuxer
headphone_channel_mixer Headphone virtual spatialization effect
hotkeys Hotkeys management interface
http HTTP remote control interface
i420_rgb I420,IYUV,YV12 to RGB2,RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversions
i420_ymga Conversions from I420,IYUV,YV12 to YMGA
i420_yuy2 Conversions from I420,IYUV,YV12 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IUYV,cyuv,Y211
i422_yuy2 Conversions from I422 to YUY2,YUNV,YVYU,UYVY,UYNV,Y422,IUYV,cyuv,Y211
id3tag ID3 tags parser
image Image video output
invert Invert video filter
ipv4 UDP/IPv4 network abstraction layer
libmpeg2 MPEG I/II video decoder (using libmpeg2)
linear_resampler Audio filter for linear interpolation resampling
linear_resampler Audio filter for linear interpolation resampling
logger File logging
logo Logo video filter
logo Logo sub filter
lpcm Linear PCM audio decoder
lpcm Linear PCM audio packetizer
m3u Playlist metademux
m4a MPEG-4 audio demuxer
m4v MPEG-4 video demuxer
magnify Magnify/Zoom interactive video filter
marq Marquee display
memcpy libc memcpy
mjpeg M-JPEG camera demuxer
mod MOD demuxer (libmodplug)
mosaic Mosaic video sub filter
motionblur Motion blur filter
motiondetect Motion detect video filter
mp4 MP4 stream demuxer
mpeg_audio MPEG audio layer I/II/III decoder
mpeg_audio MPEG audio layer I/II/III packetizer
mpga MPEG audio / MP3 demuxer
mpgatofixed32 MPEG audio decoder
mpgatofixed32 MPEG audio decoder
mpgv MPEG-I/II video demuxer
mui MorphOS MUI interface
mux_asf ASF muxer
mux_avi AVI muxer
mux_dummy Dummy/Raw muxer
mux_mp4 MP4/MOV muxer
mux_mpjpeg Multipart JPEG muxer
mux_ogg Ogg/OGM muxer
mux_ps PS muxer
mux_ts TS muxer (libdvbpsi)
mux_wav WAV muxer
netsync Network synchronisation
normvol Volume normalizer
nsc Windows Media NSC metademux
nsv NullSoft demuxer
nuv Nuv demuxer
ogg OGG demuxer
opengl OpenGL video output
osdmenu On Screen Display menu
packetizer_copy Copy packetizer
packetizer_h264 H.264 video packetizer
packetizer_mpeg4audio MPEG4 audio packetizer
packetizer_mpeg4video MPEG4 video packetizer
packetizer_mpegvideo MPEG-I/II video packetizer
param_eq Parametric Equalizer
playlist Playlist
playlist M3U playlist import
playlist PLS playlist import
playlist B4S playlist import
playlist DVB playlist import
playlist Podcast parser
playlist XSPF playlist import
playlist New winamp 5.2 shoutcast import
png PNG video decoder
podcast Podcasts
ps MPEG-PS demuxer
ps MPEG-PS demuxer
pva PVA demuxer
rawdv DV (Digital Video) demuxer
rawvideo Pseudo raw video decoder
rawvideo Pseudo raw video packetizer
rc Remote control interface
real Real demuxer
realaudio RealAudio library decoder
rss RSS and Atom feed display
rv32 RV32 conversion filter
s16tofixed32 Audio filter for s16->fixed32 conversion
s16tofloat32 Audio filter for s16->float32 conversion
s16tofloat32swab Audio filter for s16->float32 with endianness conversion
s8tofloat32 Audio filter for s8->float32 conversion
sap SAP Announcements
sap SDP file parser for UDP
scale Video scaling filter
screensaver X Screensaver disabler
sdl_image SDL_image video decoder
sgimb Kasenna MediaBase parser
shout Shoutcast radio listings
shout Shoutcast TV listings
showintf Show interface with mouse
simple_channel_mixer Audio filter for simple channel mixing
snapshot Snapshot module
spdif_mixer Dummy S/PDIF audio mixer
speex Speex audio decoder
speex Speex audio packetizer
speex Speex audio encoder
spudec DVD subtitles decoder
spudec DVD subtitles packetizer
stream_out_bridge Bridge stream output
stream_out_bridge Bridge stream output
stream_out_bridge Bridge stream output
stream_out_description Description stream output
stream_out_display Display stream output
stream_out_dummy Dummy stream output
stream_out_duplicate Duplicate stream output
stream_out_es Elementary stream output
stream_out_gather Gathering stream output
stream_out_mosaic_bridge Mosaic bridge stream output
stream_out_rtp RTP stream output
stream_out_standard Standard stream output
stream_out_switcher MPEG2 video switcher stream output
stream_out_transcode Transcode stream output
subsdec Text subtitles decoder
subtitle Text subtitles parser
svcdsub Philips OGT (SVCD subtitle) decoder
svcdsub Philips OGT (SVCD subtitle) packetizer
telnet VLM remote control interface
telx Teletext subtitles decoder
theora Theora video decoder
theora Theora video packetizer
theora Theora video encoder
time Time display sub filter
transform Video transformation filter
trivial_channel_mixer Audio filter for trivial channel mixing
trivial_mixer Trivial audio mixer
trivial_resampler Audio filter for trivial resampling
ts MPEG Transport Stream demuxer
tta TTA demuxer
ty TY Stream audio/video demux
u8tofixed32 Audio filter for u8->fixed32 conversion
u8tofloat32 Audio filter for u8->float32 conversion
ugly_resampler Audio filter for ugly resampling
visual Visualizer filter
vobsub Vobsub subtitles parser
voc VOC demuxer
vod_rtsp RTSP VoD server
vorbis Vorbis audio decoder
vorbis Vorbis audio packetizer
vorbis Vorbis audio encoder
vout_sdl Simple DirectMedia Layer video output
wall Wall video filter
wav WAV demuxer
xa XA demuxer
xtag Simple XML Parser


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