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Description:Search lost PFS/SFS partitions on a harddisk by Thomas Rapp.
Developer/Porter:Thomas Rapp
Short: Search lost PFS/SFS partitions on a harddisk
Author: thomas-rapp web de (Thomas Rapp)
Version: 1.8
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Kurz: PFS/SFS Partitionen auf einer Festplatte suchen
Website: http://thomasrapp.homepage.t-online.de

Use RDBrecov if you lost the RDB (partitioning information) of your

RDBrecov searches an entire harddisk for partitions. It can handle PFS2,
PFS3, AFS and SFS partitions.

Since V0.6 it also finds FFS partitions. As FFS needs the partition size
for calculating the rootblock position, first all possible FFS bootblocks
are stored in a table and in a second pass the rootblock positions are
calculated and checked. FFS handling can be switched off by an option.

RDBrecov lists the partitions found into the Shell window and optionaly
into a log file. With this information you can use HDtoolbox (or another
partitioning tool) to reconstruct your partitions.

Harddisks larger than 4GB can be accessed, if the device driver is
either NSD or TD64 compatible. SCSI-Direct is not supported.

AmigaGuide with German and English instructions included.

WARNING: This program was only tested on my machine with my
harddisks. There is no guarantee that it runs on
others. I am not responsible for any damage.
Use it on your own risk.

New since V1.8

- Added support for mountfiles like used by HDToolBox V45. The mountfile
can directly be loaded by HDToolBox.

Upload Date:Aug 06 2023
Size:31 KB
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