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Description:Dopus Magellan II: Compare lister entries
Developer/Porter:Uwe Rosner
A module for DOpus Magellan that compares the entries (files only,
no directories) in the source lister with those in the target lister.

Matching files are hidden in both listers. Of the different files,
only the newer files and those missing in the other lister are

This replicates the 'Mark newer, hide same' function of Windows tool
Total Commander.

I take no responsibility for errors, but you're welcome to mail me bugs.


1.1 (26.09.2023)
- The lister entries for the comparison are now read directly from the
lister using DOpus API calls. Thus, as of this version, this module
also works with listers from the ArcDir or XADopus archive modules,
for example. This was not possible in version 1.0, where only
dos.library calls were used to read the files from the lister paths.
- Added the optional argument NODATECOMPARISON. If this is set, the
files will be treated as if they have the same date, regardless of
their date stamps.
- Added the source code of this module

1.0 (17.09.2022)
- Initial version
Upload Date:Sep 29 2023
Size:17 KB
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