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Description:Extended Icon Set for MorphOS v0.1 by Paul Chadwick.
Developer/Porter:Paul Chadwick
Short: v0.1 Extended Icon Set for MorphOS.
Uploader: Paul Chadwick <p.chadwick@outlook.com>
Author: Paul Chadwick
Language: English

Short Description:

This little pack is a collection of icons that i wanted and needed for my day to day
use with morphos. The drive icons were the main part of this motivation as I was
connecting a lot of drives using SAMBA so I wanted them all to have nice icons.

There are 24 drive icons across 2 differently styled sets.
As well as this I found that game icons were lacking in any style consistency so I made
30 new icons for the games I have in my system, hopefuly you have them too.

There is a Bonus drawer also with a few random folders.

I wanted to make more, but that will have to wait for another day soon, hope you enjoy them :)

Upload Date:Apr 03 2015
Size:1 MB
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