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Description:Display memory usage as gauge in screen title.
Developer/Porter:Matthias Böcker
Short: Display memory usage as gauge in screen title
Author: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" B�cker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Uploader: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" B�cker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Version: V1.6
Type: util/wb
Requires: MorphOS 2.0
Website: http://amigazeux.net

What is it?
MemoryGauge is a screenbar plugin for MorphOS.

MemoryGauge displays all kinds of memory information as a gauge in the screen title.

Everything is fully configurable.

Additionally it runs SYS:Utilities/Fragment on double-click.

- MorphOS 2.0 or higher

Double-Click the Install icon and MemoryGauge_sbar will be installed to your system.

For manual installation simply copy the contents of the "Copy_To_Sys"
drawer to your SYS: partition.
Enter in a Shell: copy ram:MemoryGauge_sbar/Copy_To_Sys/#? to SYS: ALL

Now click with the right mouse button on the screen depth gadget to open its context
menu, go to "Modules" and select "Refresh". MemoryGauge should now appear in the Screen
title bar. If it does not appear open the context menu again, and go to "Modules" again
and select MemoryGauge from the modules shown there.

V1.6 (23.01.2021)
- Fixed a use-after-free bug in library code that could cause all kinds of problems. A big Thank You to Thomas Igracki for fixing and proving the multilibrary ecx module!
- Fixed a hit in class initialisation.
- Added help bubbles to all prefs gadgets.
- Changed the way the width of the gauge is calculated. Before it was dependant on the gauge image used, now the base width (100%) is calculated according to the width of the text. You may want to adjust the width since it may be smaller than before on first use after installing the update.
- A warn limit and corresponding tint colour can now be set in order to visually warn on low memory conditions.
- It's now possible to disable the gauge image and simply draw the gauge by a configurable colour.
- Gauge redraw rate can now be changed independantly from updating values enabling smooth gauge updates.
- Removed $i and $xi (both installed mem) since they made no sense (use totalmem instead).
- Checkmarks in prefs won't react to user input on spaces before and after the checkmark anymore.
- Small cleanup in Prefs regarding text and effect colour settings.

For all changes please see changes.txt

Thanks to:
- Leif Salomonsson for ECX :-)

- Guido Mersmann for SimpleCat

- MorphOS-Team for MorphOS :-)

- Sebastien LIGEZ for the french translation

- Grzegorz Kraszewski for the polish translation

IF you want to contact the author please write an email to amigazeux@gmx.net or visit
irc.amigazeux.de channel: #amigazeux

-- #amigazeux

Upload Date:Jan 23 2021
Size:106 KB
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