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Description:Simple word processing software
Developer/Porter:Carsten Siegner
Short: Simple word processing software
Author: Carsten Siegner (carstensiegner@osnanet.de)
Uploader: Carsten Siegner (carstensiegner@osnanet.de)
Type: text/edit
Version: 1.9.9
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.1
Replaces: text/edit/Scriba_1.9.7.lha

Scriba ist ein einfache Textverarbeitung.

+ Textverarbeitung �ber beliebig viele Seiten
+ Jeder Buchstabe kann separat formatiert werden
+ Jede Zeile kann separat links, rechts oder zentriert angeordnet werden
+ Umwandlung von beliebig vielen Zeilen in Listen
+ Automatisches Einf�gen eines Platzhalters f�r das aktuellen Datum
+ Automatisches Einf�gen eines Platzhalters f�r die aktuelle Seitennummer
+ Tabulatoren
+ Rechtschreib und Gramatikkorrektur
+ �ber-, Unter- und Durchstreichung
+ Einf�gen von Bildern
+ Textumfluss um Bilder
+ Einf�gen eines globalen Hintergrundes im Dokument
+ Sitzungen k�nnen gespeichert, geladen oder gel�scht werden
+ Sitzungen k�nnen am Programmende gespeichert, und am Programmstart geladen werden
+ Dokumente werden komprimiert abgespeichet
+ Dokumente werden als PDF, SVG, EPS oder PNG exportiert
+ Dokumente k�nnen nativ zu einem postscriptf�higen Drucker gesendet werden
+ Dokumente k�nnen per Turboprint gedruckt werden
+ Eine Beschreibung des Dokumentes wird in Sitzungen oder im Dokument selber abgespeichert

--- English ---
Scriba is a simple word processor.

+ Text processing for any number of pages
+ Each letter can be formatted separately
+ Each line can be formatted separately on the left, right or centered
+ Conversion of any number of rows in lists
+ Automatically insert a placeholder for the current date
+ Automatically insert a placeholder for the current page number
+ Tabs
+ Spellchecking
+ Overline, Underline and Linethrough
+ Paste images
+ Text wrap around images
+ Add a global background in the document
+ Sessions can be saved, loaded or deleted
+ Sessions can be stored at the end of the program, and loaded at startup
+ Documents are saved compressed
+ Documents to be exported as PDF, SVG, EPS or PNG
+ Documents can be sent natively to a postscript printer
+ Documents can be printed by TurboPrint
+ A description of the document is stored in sessions or in the document itself


Version 0.2.0:

+ OpenDocumentText Importmodul
+ Appwindow
+ Shell-Interface (requires at the first line " cd <progdir>" and at the second line "<progdir>/Scriba <file>")

Version 0.3.0:

+ Insert Hyperlinks in text(used by the amigaguide export)
+ Import hyperlinks from OpenDocumentText files
+ Send weblinks to openurl
+ Amigaguide Exportmodul

Version 0.4.0:

+ use libzip to compress projects and sessions
+ scann odt-files to get the type of list bullets
+ speed up (3x) project load and save
+ create odt container and compress it with libzip (no usefull document info's at this time)

Version 0.5.0:

+ OpenDocumentText export is now beta and usable. Tested with OpenOffice 3.2.0 on MacOSX 10.5 - no grafik support in this beta -

Version 0.6.0:

+ OpenDocumentText export modul is now finished. All attributes, hyperlinks, lists, text and pictures of Scriba are now exported.
+ Starting with Office Open XML import modul(.docx). Only The Metadata are parsed and displayed at this time.
Two debug files was produced in "ram." with parsed content of the two needet pieces of docx document.

+ The turboprint printer modul was repaired. There was now three options to print with Scriba: Turboprint
(nativ), Turboprint (over PS: handler - needs Ghostscript -) and Postscript (nativ).
+ the search of keymap is now global. No more keymap search on every char.
+ Now export the auto date and actual page in Amigaguide.
+ Export auto date and actual page in the simple Text file.

Version 0.7.0:

+ OpenXML import modul(.docx)
+ New great shell interface (see scriba.guide)
+ SPECIAL_DENSITY7 printer flag is now set (Turboprint)
+ Cursor now moves up and down (with up/down arrow keys)
+ speed up renderer modul (GUI)
+ lower memory usage
+ now with guide

Version 0.8.0:

+ Localisation is finished (english, german, french, turkish)
+ now it's possible to use lshift + mouse (translate pictures in two directions)
+ now it's possible to use lshift + arrow keys (moves text mark and picture dimension)
+ many repairs into the textedit engine
+ Update Scriba.guide
+ Update Scriba about window

Version 0.9.0:

+ Zoom (with ctrl + mouse you can move the page)
+ Enable shortcuts in the menu (and clear any entry)
+ Repair odt export modul (it destroy list entrys sometime)
+ PPM Export modul (not enabled in shell interface yet)
+ add more error handling in text editor.
+ new catalogs (you must copy them over the old ones)
+ even lower memory usage in the render (GUI)
+ the drawing context of the renderer is now central (driven by mui).No more memory wasting.
+ repair list bug in renderer

Version 1.0.0:

+ Calltips.mcc mui class is now required, which is included in
MorphOS 3+ or 2.x SDK with Scribble.
+ Add document statistic (open/close with F12 key)
+ Enable repeat of the CR key.
+ Speed up render engine
+ Add fast inline spellcheck (doubleclick on a word start spellcheck)
+ Init second process for spellcheck at startup
+ Open selected dictionary at startup
+ fix Bug in line renderer (underline etc.)
+ Change render calculation of double lines
+ More translations

Version 1.1.0:

+ Add list object to Calltips
+ new document.mcc (privat mui class). Now it's possible to risize the document view.
+ add ruler to the privat class (Now it shows more like a offical wordprocessor)
+ no more resizing the main window (you have zoom now to view greater docs)
+ no more resizing render memory (the size of memory is allways the same)
+ Add new toolbar icons (from Mark James )
+ Add ppm export to shell interface

Version 1.2.0 beta (not finished yet:

+ Update the turkish translation (Thanks Serkan Dursun)
+ Update the french translation (Thanks Gilles Mathevet)
+ New UTF8 Handler. Now scriba can import UTF8 text correctly (.odt/.docx)
+ New picture loader. It used raggae multimedia class. Now it loads gif's and any jpeg's correctly.
+ New save button in the picture toolbar. Now you can save any loadet picture in png format.
+ HTML-5 Exportmodul
+ New: Pictures with Hyperlinks (cmd + left mousbutton open the link).
+ Editable background color
+ In/Export of hyperlinks in pictures (.odt)
+ In/Export of background color of document (.odt)

Version 1.3.0 :

+ Scriba can now handle chinese text (by Chinese IME - thanks Fabrice Goucem -)
+ Now Scriba cut/copy/paste UTF8 Text correctly.
+ New: ARexx Port with three comands (Please read the example file)
+ Add patched version of "Chinese IME" to Scriba directory
+ Add .ttc fonts to fontsearch (only at first search by fontlister)
+ Used chinese fonts are: Microsoft JhengHei, SimSun, SimHei and MS Gothic.

Version 1.4.0 :

+ Read/Write Text files with Byte Order Mark (BOM). - Selectable
+ Read/Write UTF-8 encodet text files.
+ Add rexx comand "UTF8_String" to add UTF-8 encodet string to text.
+ Add accessibility for chars, that not on a keyboard.
You need real unicode fonts to see all chars.
Here http://world-of-amiga.eu/fonts/ARIALUNI.TTF
you can find the universal unicode font "Arial unicode MS"

+ Add Cyclegadget in prefs window, to select Poscript2/3.
+ Improve Pagesize handler
+ Improve picture load in odt docs

+ Add barcode/QR code generator
+ Add label/buisinescard printing system

+ rework doc size handler
+ rework zoom (now with "full with" and "full height"
+ rework doc memory handler - now lower memory usage and much faster

Version 1.5.0 :

+ Reworked screenhandler ( Now it's possible zu open a full size window)
+ New: tabhandler (Now you can select induvidual tabs on every row)
+ Reworked screenmemoryhandler
+ reworked GUI
- Saving/Loading of new tabs are not posible at this time

Version 1.6.0 :

+ Devide in to two tasks (= more speed)
+ copy/paste pictures (cmd + c/v)
+ save/load the new tabs in the project files
+ More features in the tabulator handler
+ remove top stop of new screen
+ rework textfile loader to work with new screenhandler
+ reworked clipboard code to work correctly together with OWB
+ change the time of cpu usage ( now lower than 1 %)
+ Support of the openoffice tab system
+ Speed up project saving (now new project files are incompatible with old ones !)
+ little rework of project loader. (old projects are incompatible now!)
+ New: Page selector mui class
+ RTF Importmodul (Is alpha with lot debug info at this time !)

Version 1.7.0:

+ Drag/Drop Pictures / SVG's
+ Master review of source
+ Remove write/read actions to NULL Pointers (it's very bad !)
+ More requesters
+ New: Import of Scalable Vector Grafics (SVG)
You can find 1000 of them here: http://openclipart.org/.
+ New Tool: Professional PDF - Export docs in professional high quality pdf's (Alpha !)

Version 1.7.5:

+ Add Tooltype "doublebuffer"
+ Add Tooltype "fontconfig"
+ Add Tooltype "debug"
+ Remove a old long standing heavy Memory trash bug (No more memorytrashing while typing)
+ New fontconfig system (It based now on xml). Please remove the old dir "font_lister"
in progdir.

Version 1.7.6:

+ Bugfixing of Project load/save

Version 1.7.7:

+ Update to libzip 0.11
+ Remove bug in tab system
+ Export new tabs to odt
+ Advanced HTML export
+ Export new tabs to html
+ Hopefully deleted "Grey screen start" bug
+ From now on, Scriba save the settings in the directory "settings" of progdir.

Version 1.7.8:

+ Repair printing with Turboprint
+ New Feature: repeat/no repeat of backgroundimage
+ New: Format painting
It's now posible to copy/paste format of chars with
a "brush". To quite this function, push the ESC-key or
make a doubleclick on a word.

Version 1.7.9:

+ New: polish catalog
+ Rewrite GUI. Now Scriba works with
disabled Enhanced Display

Version 1.8.0:

+ The Tool "Professional-PDF" is now beta.
Thinks like kompression, encrytian, PDFA_1A/1B, hyperlinks,
text,grafic now working.
+ New background handler

Version 1.9.0:

+ Update to libzip 0.11.1
+ Export now correct archived odt-files
+ Add any translations
+ New: Logocreator
Created simple to complexe company logos and
Curved text for business cards.

Version 1.9.5:

+ any bugfixing
+ New Tool: Tableeditor (alpha !!)

Version 1.9.7:

+ Load/Save of tables
+ Open Table via shell
+ drag/drop of tables

Version 1.9.9:

+ The text in a table can include hyperlinks
+ Save Table as HTML
+ Save Table as CSV
+ Save Table as ODS (OpenDokumentSpreadsheed)
+ Save Table as XMLSS (MicrosoftExcel2003 XML)
+ It's possible to include tables in a HTML of the mainpage.
+ Generate of whole webpages incl. lists, tables, background,pictures links and text.


Here you can found libzip:

ftp.nih.at /pub/nih/libzip

Silk icon set 1.3:
from Mark James

Chinese fonts:

Chinese IME by Fabrice Goucem

PinYin table by Ed Lai

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