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Description:A skin for MorphOS.
Developer/Porter:Oliver Hummel
Short: Another Skin for MorphOS
Author: blade_runner@gmx.li (Oliver Hummel)
Uploader: blade_runner gmx li (Oliver Hummel)
Type: pix/theme
Version: 1.0
Requires: Morph OS 1.4+
Architecture: generic
Date: 2004/05/29

OneFive Ambient Skin

Tired of waiting for MorphOS 1.5? Well do the same
that I did, make something productive while waiting ;-)
This is btw the reason for the Name of this Skin.
Well I could also have named it "Godot" but I guess
only few person would have understand that joke and
I guess I would have been mailbomed by the MOS Core Devs
ore even worse I had to stay side by side with CISC in a
dark chamber in Ralf`s Castle...Without my beloved Peg...
and even not once with Ralf`s X-Box...

To Install this Skin, simply use the Install Skript,
or for Hardcore installer haters like Tokai, make a
Skins Directory in Sys:Prefs (not Mossys, if you do
so, Henes or jacadcaps will come and they Install
Windows 1.0 on your System, you have been warned!)
and copy the whole onefive directory into it.

Some Notes:

High Resolution:
Like my first Skin, this one is also ment
for higher Resolution Screens with 1280x1024 and above.
It might look a bit big on lower Resolutions.

On my System, the main font is Verdana 20. So if you
have a lower fontsize, the windows might look a little bit
cropped. In that case you can either choose a bigger
Screen Font or you fire up your Favorite Texteditor and
search for the Keyword WINDOWTITLETEXTSHIFT in skin Config.
Playing a bit with the values should help. The Preview
Screenshot should give you a good how it was ment to look

This skin is �2004 Oliver Hummel


This Skin is Mailware, If you like it, mail me, If you
don`t like it mail me too. (Criticism is a good thing if
it could help to make things better)

It is freely redistributable, but it would be nice
if you send me a short mail if you plan to include
it on CD Rom or upload it anywhere else than on Morphzone
or Aminet.
You may use it for your own skin e.g. Visual Prefs.
I am not responsible for any damage, use it at your own risk.

Upload Date:Apr 22 2017
Size:440 KB
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