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Description:A MorphOS skin for Ambient.
Developer/Porter:Paolo Russo
Short: Three "Mossie" Skin =)
Author: Jambalah (Paolo Russo) geepney@hotmail.it
Version: 2.0
Date: 10/11/2009
Requires: MorphOS 2.x, enhanced display for transparency effect.

Three Skin = MossieBlueSkin + MossieGraySkin + MossieBlackSkin !!!

Yeah! It's time to celebrate the MorphOS version 2.4! Almost a double version, since it's possible
to launch this awesome OS on Apple Mac mini too!!! A good way is to realize.. a new skin!
Three..?!? Why not? So, here you are Mossie Skins!
Basically the skin theme is the same for all the three skin. The difference is in the colors:
a blue version, a gray (steel?) version and a black version.
I've redrawn the Blue one due to weird windows bars that were too large and bad coloured... Horribles!!
So if you just downloaded it excuse me.. You can overwrite with this new one ;)
All the three version have an "AlternativeTitleBarObject", just in case you prefer the Butterfly
to the MorphOS logo, end each of them has a personalized set of buttons and MUI settings.
Noone stops you to "shuffle" the cards :P So, if you like a button in another skin... why not?
I realised a number of windows background in 800 x 600 format in different colours and a gauge bar
to fill the gauges and the buttons. I hope you will find them interesting.


As always copy each skin drawer in your SYS:Prefs/skins. Then do the same with MUI prefs but in the
SYS:Prefs/Presets/MUI directory. The names of this MUI prefs need no explanations, since each of
them is associated to a specific skin. So you have only to select the one.. you like!

I'm seeing a lot of interest around MorphOS.. Or maybe I'm only an enthustiastic dreamer...
Well.. Ok! Hoping I'm not wrong and waiting for future surprises let me thank all the MorphOS team
members for going on and on and on!!! All people doing something for MorphOS (programming, using, enjoying)
and all that using my skin... also to make a laugh on XD
Thanks to my "moka" (the italian coffee machine) for suppoting my skinning days with huge amounts of "espresso"!!
I guess it will explode... Not the moka.. my brain!! Too much caffein!!
Thanks to x-stream80 radio from France that injected me avec la meilleure musique des ans 80 ;)

And now....

Skins are always freely redistributable. Keep alive the spirit!!!
Suggestions, critics, applauses and boos are always welcome.
The background you see in my previes are copyright of respective owners.
You can find those and other beautiful artistic operas at http://www.caedes.net

..long live and prosper..

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