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Description:A skin for MorphOS Ambient.
Developer/Porter:Paolo Russo
Short: Blue Marine Skin for MorphOS
Author: Jambalah (Paolo Russo) geepney@hotmail.it
Version: 1.0
Date: 30/08/2009

Blue Marine Ambient Skin

I did this skin thinking about the blue of the see and her's blue eyes..
...and now I'm feeling blue.....
If you want to paint your ambient with blue, this skin could help you!
I hope you like and forgive if something is wrong.
Mistakes occour always..!


To install Blue Marine skin copy its drawer to SYS:Prefs/Skins and then use "System settings" to select.
Place BleMArine.prefs in SYS:Prefs/Presets/MUI.
Then you can select the Blue Marine prefs and if you like save it as default.

Then.... Enjoy the marine colours!

The Blue Marine is copyright �2009 Paolo Russo

Thanks to all that have appreciated the Green Glass skin!
I hope the Blue Marine skin could be the right way to thank you all!

If you like the wallpaper of the screenshot, try this website: www.caedes.net
It's a real "gold mine"! Thanks to Oepabakkes for this piece of news!

The transparency that you can see in the polynet bar is a tricky (but real) one =)
I have to improve...


This skin is freely redistributable, due to provoke a sensation of real pleasure to one's brain..!!
And is provided "as is". If you want to modify you are free to do it. Mail me and show me the work ;)
As always, suggestions or critics are welcome.

Dedicated to a memory

Upload Date:Dec 10 2012
Size:1 MB
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