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Description:A skin for MorphOS.
Developer/Porter:Paolo Russo
Short: AMI25 Skin for MorphOS
Author: Jambalah (Paolo Russo) geepney@hotmail.it
Version: 1.0
Date: 22/02/2011
Requires: MorphOS 1.4 ->

I know I'm late.... 25 July 2010 was last year...
But is there a reason not to publish this skin now?!?
This is my little, little, little present to honour the great, great, great Amiga!
Amiga is a machine, a great operating system and a momentum added in one entity wich made
a big part of my life such a part of its unique and unrepeatable being.
Don't worry, I don't think Amiga is a living entity.. =)
We are. So we sometimes (too often?!?) attribute this essence to the machine wich gave/give us
joy, fun, study, games and whatelse we did/do with it.
Sad that all things should end... But this is the constant and maybe the only sure thing of
this life, though spirit and soul stays becoming myth.
So.. although Amiga as I saw and lived in the era is ended up, I can say I touched with
my hands!! Unforgettable...!!!


Copy the skin drawer in your SYS:Prefs/skins and you did the work. MUI prefs inside, as usual.. =)


Sorry.... No Boing Ball inside.. Amiga symbol was the multicolor 'checkmark' for me and the only
Boing I remeber related to Amiga is the well known demo. The rest, including some strange red squares
above a horrorific font, it's not Amiga anymore. After 1944 nothing is Amiga anymore...
That's why I've added three Amiga checkmark background in three different colours.
I hope you will like them!


Upload Date:Dec 10 2012
Size:667 KB
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