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Developer/Porter:Marcus Sackrow
Ask Your Amiga 0.6

by ALB42 written in FreePascal

A GUI for Wolfram Alpha question machine.
Type in what you are searching for and press enter or click to 'Ask' Button.
Or search for search pattern in 'Suggestions/History' which are sorted in
different categories.

The Result is sorted in different categories, chooseable via the cycle element.
There is always one category 'Input interpretation', basically what Wolfram alpha
understood from your question.
Often you will also find a 'related searches' entry with suggestions close to
your search.
(Assuption are not implemented until now.)

In the Suggestion window you can check for updates for the suggestion list
and the whole software.

You can share cool/funny/interesting searches with other
using the share button in the result window. Include a short description
why it could be interesting for other. If you add your name (max 10 chars)
other will see that you suggested/found that, but you also can just leave it empty.

some example questions:

"PM of UK" or "prime minister of UK" tells you who is the Prime minister in UK at the moment,
you can also extent that to "pm of uk in 1958" or "pm of uk 1900 to 2000"

"Germany" some basic informations about germany

"life expectancy U.S., Sweden, Japan" compare life expectancy in this 3 countries

"9*8-35*9" -> calculates the result "-243"

"plot sin(2x)" -> draws curve for sin(x)

see more examples in the Suggestion window or at https://www.wolframalpha.com/examples/

The number of question to be sent via this API is limited so use it responsible ;)
and please do no redististribute it without written consent by me.

Have fun!


- Bugfix for AROS not showing images
- Bugfix wrong result tab on first window showing

- Assumptions added
- bugfixes

- redraw problems
- reduce memory footprint

- Bugfixes Amiga 68k
- MorphOS binary added (by mistake the 0.2 MorphOS binary was the OS4 binary, Sorry)
- Redraw bugfix OS4


- History
- Suggestions
- related searches
- Update for program
- Update for suggestions
- Bugfixes for MorphOS


- Initial Release
Upload Date:Apr 17 2021
Size:274 KB
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