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Description:Finds even more duplicate files on your HD
Developer/Porter:Ilkka Lehtoranta
Short: Finds even more duplicate files on your HD
Author: Kjell Irgens, Ilkka Lehtoranta
Uploader: ilkleht@isoveli.org (Ilkka Lehtoranta)
Type: disk/misc
Version: 2.1
Architecture: ppc-morphos; m68k-amigaos >= 2.0

DupFinder is used to locate identical files on your harddisks with different
file names. This freeware program is based on DupFinder 1.0 by Kjell Irgens.
The original is available at http://aminet.net/disk/misc/DupFinder10.lha

Features in DupFinder 2.0

* Supports 64bit DOS (MorphOS 2.0 or newer)
* Optimized file comparison routines
* Removed path length limitation
* New multithreaded MUI GUI
* New GUI/S switch to display GUI
* Better responsiveness to CTRL-C
* Uses asyncio.library for maximum performance
* Removed memory pools to optimize memory usage
* Fully re-entrant, can be made resident

Version 2.1 only fixes a bug which could cause DupFinder to abort on Amiga or
MorphOS 1.x.


dupfinder <path1> [<path2> ...] [names] [minsize=<bytes>] [noicons] [gui]


You can check any numbe of disks or directories in a single search by
entering the name of each <path> on the command line.


Files that are different but have the same file name are also listed. They are
tagged in the listing to separate them from true identical files.


If you set MINSIZE to e.g. 1000 no identical file of size less than 1000 bytes
are listed. Useful if you have lots of tiny identical files.


If you use this argument, no identical .info files are listed.


This enables you to set the priority of the dupfinder task. A negative
priority (-1 to -127) is suggested if initiate a search on an entire HD and
you plan to use the machine in the mean time.


This enables a progress bar. This feature requires MUI.

Upload Date:Mar 08 2020
Size:41 KB
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