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Description:Run your apps from the screenbar.
Developer/Porter:Thomas Igracki
Short: Run apps from the screenbar
Kurz: Apps von der Screenbar aus starten
Author: Thomas Igracki
Uploader: Thomas@Igracki.de
Version: 2.6
Type: util/wb
Architecture: ppc-morphos

Did you ever dream of starting any application from any (public) screen without
needing to switch back to the Ambient screen to run it or remember its hotkey?

Now you can!

This screenbar module opens a popup menu if you click on the AppLauncher icon
in your screenbar, so you can select the application you want to start!

Better yet, you are able to configure the menu by editing a simple text file
that is located in SYS:Data/Screenbar/AppLauncher/config.

Easier still is to use the in-built menu editor to edit the menu from a nice

The default config has all standard MorphOS Applications, Games, Utilities and

With a hotkey to open the menu via keyboard, default - ctrl help (User editable)

Just copy the contents from the "SYS" folder to your SYS: partition manually,
or execute/double-click the "Install" file to do this.
Your custom config file won't be overwritten anymore!

Then via a right-click on the top-right screen depth-gadget, select
Modules>Rescan or reboot.

15-Feb-2024: v2.6
chg: made changes to StandardConfig for MorphOS v3.18

08-Feb-2022: v2.6beta
chg: create the InputHandler in MUIM_Setup not OM_NEW, so it won't be created
if the sbar is installed but not used
[thanks jaca for mention it]
fix: don't try to open the popupMenu via hotkey (ctrl-help) if its aleady open

17-Mai-2020: v2.5
chg: recompiled with ggc9
new: added a "Current Dir:" prefs item to the "Launch Parameters"
so launched commands have a current dir, before its was undefined
fix: the "Usage:" line in the written config file wasn't correct (BAR and END are /S not /K)

02-Feb-2019: v2.4
new: added "Launch parameters" in the settings, there you can define the con-window for output,
the stacksize and the priority of the launched programs
new: the search-path for the launched programs is now cloned from workbench,
previously it was only c: and current directory

chg: the user had to first click inside the MenuEditor's listview to add an item, because it was disabled, if
no entry was selected

chg: changed the "Open menu hotkey:" label to just "Open menu:", because the group title already contains "Hotkey:"
new: added a "Donate money" link to the prefs page

31-Oct-2018: v2.3
new: added a new interactive installation/update script
chg: now the standard config file is named "StandardConfig", which will be loaded
if no file named "Config" was found, this was done to not overwrite your custom config
when updating to a new version
chg: addded the Games folder to the standard config
new: if you add a new item, and then select the command from the popup file requester,
the Name field is automatically set to the filename

new: added two checkmarks in the settings for not adding the "Recent Apps" and "MenuEditor..."
[25-Oct-18, suggested by Christoph Poelzl]

20-Oct-2018: v2.2
fix: the wrong image (11 instead of 14) was taken for the sbar image
new: there is now a hotkey to open the menu via keyboard (default is ctrl help)
fix: adding an item to the root then saving the config, leads to an endless loop adding lots of spaces
to the config file
[16-Oct-18, reported by sprocki]

fix: renaming an menu entry shows random text in the command column
chg: now a new item has "SYS:NewCommand" as its initial command instead of "<New command>" to have an
initial drawer in the file requester

12-Oct-2018: v2.1
fix: The sbar image is now re-coloured using the screenbar's TextPen instead of using a negative of the image
[10-Oct-18, reported by emeck]

fix: Fixed a hit if you open the MenuEditor for the first time
[08-Oct-18, reported by jPV]

fix: The "Do you really want to save" req, always opened on the Ambient screen, no matter on which
screen you opened the MenuEditor
[09-Oct-18, reported by NewSense]
chg: The requester now appears in the center of the MenuEditor window
chg: If the MenuEditor window is open and you select the menuitem again, it will be closed, but
if you opened it on a different screen, it will be reopened on the current screen

08-Oct-2018: v2.0
- added a full blown menu editor to edit the menu including drag and drop support to add apps!

- new screenbar image by Andr� Siegel
- the screenbar image is now automatically converted to negative, if the background is dark

24-Sep-2018: v1.1
added a "Recent Apps" menu, with the last 10 launched apps

20-Sep-2018: v1.0
first version


Please visit http://www.igracki.de to checkout my other software and/or
make a donation


- Neil Pearson for proof-reading
- jPV for disclaimer text;)


This software is made available to you as Freeware and you may use this
software in whatever way you wish, but the author accepts no liability for
any damage caused to your system or other connected peripherals by using
this software.

Upload Date:Feb 19 2024
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