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Description:A MorphOS skin for Ambient.
Developer/Porter:Oliver Hummel
Short: [MorphOS] AOS 1.x Skin
Author: blade_runner@gmx.li (Oliver Hummel)
Type: pix/theme
Version: 1.0
Requires: Morph OS 1.4+
Architecture: generic

Nostalgia Skin

Well it is a long time ago when I announced
this Skin, based upon the classic Amiga OS 1.x
I had plans for a complete OS 1.x MorphOS look,
including Icons, Skins for ANR and Frogger and so on.
Unfortunatelly I had not that much time and still haven`t.

But there where so many requests for that skin (Personally
I think it is somewhat ugly but well... it`s Nostalgic )
that I decided to release it as it is.

To install this Skin, you can either use the Install Skript,
Or you can do it "by Hand" just make a Skins Directory
in Sys:Prefs and copy the whole Nostalgia directory to it.


This time I�ve included some additional stuff, like a few
OS 1.3 Icons, Backdrop and once again a mui prefs file
which will be installed onto your hardisk if you want.

After the Installation it is found in Sys:prefs/presets/mui
named "Nostalgia.prefs" Now you can select it by choosing
Settings/Global Mui Settings in Ambient Menu. (Mui still searches
the Mui Assign, ignore it and choose the right path manually)

But don`t expect to much, because it is still somewhat unfinished,
lacking new mui images for example. But perhaps *you* want to make
some images and a better mui prefs file? Well feel free to send me your
Work. :-)


Some Notes:


I had many complaints about the big size of my skins and that they don`t fit
on screens below 1280x1024.
Ok this time everything should also look good an smaller screen sizes. Really ;-)

Well what can I say, for the best Nostalgia Feeling, look for a Topaz Font and
use it ;-) I recommend size 11 or 13

If you think that the skin looks a bit cropped, you canplay with
The Preview Screenshot should give you a good Idea how it was ment to look

As I allready mentioned, I tried to make the skin looking as close
as possible like OS 1.x (BTW X, because it is a mixture from all 1.x
Versions, including the beta 1.4 which became later 2.0)
This means instead of the typical grey, you will have a blue pen!
If you want to change the colours,
load the Skin config file into you favourite Text Editor
and play with the values for the Systempens. (But please
don`t complain if you end with black text on black background,
you have been warned!) For a dark Grey just change the Value
for Systempen 0. C8C8C8 should give a good Result.

Some last Words:
For the moment I guess this was my last Skin for MOS 1.4
No, I am not leaving, I like my Peg and I like MorphOS.
But according to some rumours, the next OS update will include
also some enhancements in the skinning System. This means I can
make more acurate Skins from Ofour and Nostalgia (afaik the dragbar
will be skinable too) and perhaps even a good looking Aqua Skin.

***Thank you***

OcineL & Nowee for their great gfx work for MOS and because
I forgot to mention them in my last readme;

the whole Morph OS Team for making a new Amiga OS;

tokai for his help and especially for all the tools he made
I have many in use;

Fab and Realstar for their Fantastic Emulatoradapts (They are not "just" ports")

Petra Struck for the best Amiga News Portal

And many many others :-)

This skin is �2004 Oliver Hummel
The Amiga Logo is � Ainc/Kmos/whoever


This Skin is Mailware, If you like it, mail me, If you
don`t like it mail me too. (Criticism is a good thing if
it could help to make things better)

It is freely redistributable, but it would be nice
if you send me a short mail if you plan to include
it on CD Rom or upload it anywhere else than on Morphzone
or Aminet.
You may use it for your own skin e.g. Visual Prefs.
I am not responsible for any damage, use it at your own risk.

Upload Date:Mar 11 2017
Size:387 KB
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