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Description:a plugin for Hollywood that features an advanced text rendering engine which makes it possible to draw text in almost every language of the world
Developer/Porter:Andreas Falkenhahn

Pangomonium 1.0

Pangomonium is a plugin for Hollywood that features an advanced text
rendering engine which makes it possible to draw text in almost every
language of the world. It supports complex layouts like the right-to-left or
bidirectional ones found in the Arabic and Hebrew languages or vertical
layouts in columns like in Japanese. Pangomonium can also handle
complex-text languages like Hindi and fonts that contain colored glyphs
(emojis) are supported as well. By giving you full access to the Pango API
the plugin also enables you to customize all stages of the text rendering

On top of that, Pangomonium also provides Hollywood wrappers for almost all
functions of the popular Cairo graphics engine, allowing you to access
advanced vector graphics drawing features directly from Hollywood scripts.
Using the Cairo API via Pangomonium has the advantage that you have
fine-tuned control over everything when drawing vector graphics.

There are two ways of using Pangomonium: There is a high-level interface
that can directly hook itself into Hollywood's text and vector graphics
library, enhancing it with features provided by Pangomonium, e.g. drawing
colored emojis or text with complex layouts such as Arabic or Japanese. This
is the most convenient way of using Pangomonium because you don't have to
use the Pango and Cairo functions directly here but you can just use
established Hollywood functions.

Another way of using Pangomonium is the low-level interface: This interface
allows you to access the Pango and Cairo APIs directly from Hollywood
scripts. This is extremely powerful because it allows you to access hundreds
of different text and graphics rendering features, making it possible to
fine-tune Pangomonium to your specific needs. Pangomonium contains over 500
commands to make all your text and vector graphics rendering dreams come

Finally, Pangomonium comes with extensive documentation in various formats
like PDF, HTML, AmigaGuide, and CHM that contains detailed descriptions of
all functions and methods offered by the plugin.

All of this makes Pangomonium the ultimate text and graphics rendering
engine for Hollywood that contains everything you need to draw text in any
language spoken on the planet.
Released on 17-Mar-2024 by Andreas Falkenhahn <andreas@airsoftsoftwair.de>
=Visit http://www.hollywood-mal.com/ for more information on Hollywood=

Upload Date:Mar 18 2024
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