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Description:Iris, the MorphOS email client
Developer/Porter:Jacek Piszczek
Iris, the MorphOS email client


Simply copy new files over the existing installation. Your configuration / caches are
safely tucked in Cache and Settings folders which are not part of the archive.

What works:

IMAP, SSL, email autoconfiguration, OAuth2 (GMail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail)
Browsing email folders, reading emails in a HTML view
Saving attachments, viewing image attachments
Sending HTML emails, with attachments. Saving email drafts for later edits.
Multiple accounts
Encryption of passwords & keys via cryptostorage.library

Iris requires MorphOS 3.18 to run

Feature requests and stuff:

Feel free to ask on mzone, but don't expect things to happen quickly. I have an internal
roadmap and many systems depend on each other - I cannot just hop over some things :)


OpenURL settings (required for Iris to work correctly!)
- Open System Preferences, OpenURL > Mailers tab
- Add a new entry
- Name: Iris
Path: path:to/Iris/Iris (set the right path to the binary here ;)
Arexx Port: IRIS
Show/Hide: SHOW
Write Mail: WRITE "%a"

AREXX Commands:
- WRITE emailaddress (starts a new email with an optional To address)
- OPEN path:to/file.eml (opens an eml file in a window)
- ATTACH path:to/file (starts a new email with an attachment added)
- MESSAGE (dumps info about the message in focus, or last active reader window/view)
- MESSAGE TYPE=from/date/subject/msgid (dumps the selected property of the message in focus)
- OPENMESSAGE msgid (searches all indexed folders to find the message matching the id)



- Fixed a regression when creating event invites
- Updated WebKit to 2.44.0


- Fixed overriding folder function in Folder Settings


- Fixed Insert Link appending http:// for some valid protocols like mailto


- Fixed issues related to viewing emails with Iris' install path containing special characters

- Search window will now show partial results while the search is pending
- Fixed search window's results to remove messages as they get deleted
- Improved timezone information sent in calendar events
- Calendar events are now attached twice to be compatible with both Outlook and GMail

Contacts 1.2
- Improved handling of legacy VCARD formats


- Added an option to block loading of any external assets (images, css, etc) used in HTML emails.
When enabled, Iris will only show images attached to the email itself. External content may still
be loaded using context menu
- Double-clicking a message in Drafts will now open it in Edit mode


- Right mouse click on the messages list selects the clicked email
- Added a help bubble to the messages list
- Extended the AREXX WRITE command


- It's now possible to create and send calendar invitations in emails
- Updated WebKit & co

- Updated to match changes in Contacts application
- Updated curl, mysql and other libs

Contacts 1.1
- Implemented Digest Authorization
- Implemented NICKNAME support in CardDAV
- Configurable sort by first or last name
- Fixed aspect ratio of cropped contact photos (iCloud) appearing in other applications

- Iris now comes with a brand new Contacts application:
- In email viewer, the gray circle with sender's initials will show his photo if you have
one configured in your contacts, including remote images from Google Contacts or iCloud
contacts. Clicking on the circle will bring up the contact in Contacts application or
show an Add Contact window
- Email address auto-complete will perform lookups of your contacts and prioritize the results
- Right clicking on an email in the address string will let you open the associated contact
- Added a workaround for broken servers that don't handle message ID messagesets correctly
in IMAP FETCH command
- Fixes in the email autocomplete string class
- Implemented support for List-Unsubscribe MIME header
- HTML text editor tweaks

- All operations that can potentially modify a lot of messages are now done in stages to avoid
timing out while server copies/deletes/etc the messages
- Added progress to more message operations
- Avoids reloading message list when deleting emails
- Improved the Find Messages window's UI
- Return key in the message editor now creates paragraphs instead of line breaks (hold shift
to insert a line break)
- Warns when trying to quit while there's still write operations running on server, etc
- Improved CSS sanitization when viewing emails authored using Outlook
- Implemented Auto-Update
- Worked around a problem that caused longer subject lines with non-ASCII characters would sometimes end up
with extra spaces added inside words
- Fixed to refresh folder contents after deleting all messages in it
- Fixed a case where Find Messages could get stuck forever when doing an advanced search
- Fixed a case where message finder could continue working even after closing Find Messages window
- Fixed a case where upon selecting a folder, the active message wouldn't automatically load
- Updated WebKit and associated libraries
- Added Polish translation

- Added a workaround for a NetStack bug in MorphOS 3.14-3.18 that potentially trashes memory via bogus errno pointer
- Updated cURL and sqlite

- Added 'Autosave Emails' feature which will save messages as you write them and restore
them in case Iris or another app have crashed
- Sends scheduled emails with date set to scheduled send time
- Folder message count fixes

- Two column mode fixes and optimizations
- Fixed performance issues when opening mail in a new reader window
- MUI peformance workarounds

- Improved message previews, added loading animation
- Improved HTML message sanitization
- Fixed handling of deleted messages in the reader
- Undo/Redo buttons in text editor get enabled/disabled as undo status changes
- Display more information on errors when loading a message into the reader view
- Added an additional check and requester before sending an email with an empty To field

- Faster message refresh when viewing a folder - instead of checking the status
of all messages, Iris will now check small batches as you scroll
- Faster refreshes of large folders when switching between folders
- Additional message list optimizations and fixes

- Improved scaling of images embedded in email contents in the message writer
- Updated WebKit

- Fixed a sorting order regression/crash

- Use the dedicated image viewer when editing mail attachments
- Implemented sorting by address & subject using ICU collation
- Bugfixes
- Updated libcURL and related libs

- Bugfixes
- Removed the bogus polski.catalog

- Fixed a crash if a new folder was added as an INBOX subfolder on the server
- Settings UI improvements, missing help bubbles, etc
- External image viewer option for image attachments in mail reader
- Autoconfiguration disabled for POP3 entirely. While POP3 accounts may still be
manually added, they are eventually going to be deprecated in Iris entirely
- Updated all localizable strings to use safe formatting tokens since some of the
translations would cause Iris to crash
- Updated WebKit, cURL and other libraries

- Attachments can now be automatically turned into a zip archive when writing email
- Zip attachments may be extracted right from Iris
- Fixed a warning / signal leak when viewing the Outgoing Messages folder

- Implemented message send scheduling
- Added 'Edit as New Without Attachments...' to menus
- Added 'Attach File(s)...', 'Remove Attachments' to the writer window's menu
- SVG images may now be directly embedded into the email / signature
- Fixed folder list sort order when adding/enabling accounts
- Added a check against trying to send an email with no recipients set
- Brings up an account online when trying to view a message that isn't locally cached
- Added an additional OAuth2 Microsoft provider
- Subject line and mail address text encoding fixes
- Fixed Show/Hide all headers menu state after reloading a message in the same view
- Added a workaround for broken Subject headers (GMail likes to send them as raw UTF8)
- Updated WebKit and other base libs

- Notifications on new messages can be configured per folder now
- Only show notifications on unread messages
- Fixed a bug that caused Iris to free its main thread's signals when terminating worker thread
causing the app to become unresponsive
- Fixed a regression with image embedding when writing emails
- Fixed a race condition in OAuth request initialization

- Implemented additional authentication settings that make it possible to select a
single SASL authentication mode, overriding server's default
- Added Outgoing and incoming mail Magic Beacon notifications
- Fixed a stack under-run in account test/connect threads

- Added a Copy Messages... dialog that may be used to copy messages between accounts,
local folders, etc
- Drag & drop of messages into a local folder / folder of a different account will copy
messages to the destination folder
- Editing of local messages retains their original date
- Fixed a crash in case loading a list of spelling dictionaries fails
- Fixed a condition where the Outgoing Mail manager could send a single message more than once
- Improved progress reports when sending mail
- Additional heuristics when trying to determine the right extension name when saving
attachments (if the sender's client did not set the correct MIME type)
- Performing an action on a large multi-selection of messages would sometimes stall forever
when trying to obtain full message identifiers to act on
- Optimized a case where setting flags on a large selection of messages would cause the MUI
list to perform very costly redraw lookups

- Implemented IMAP SEARCH in libvmime, enabling email body text search in Iris
- Implemented editing of received emails (which will then be re-uploaded to the IMAP server)
- Worked around display issues with email sent by broken clients (containing html/body tags
and then containing more text after </html>)
- Rewritten search token parsing code
- Fixed a crash when replying to a message without an ID
- Improved the spell checking code which often left correct words highlighted left of an

- Updated libvmime to latest

- Updated to OpenSSL3
- Fixed Yahoo OAuth2 account setup
- Recompiled to fix a bug with longcalls in GCC, which caused it to miscompile the code in
some cases leading to crashes

- Better sanitization, duplicate address removal when in Reply All

- Implemented Image Float context menu for images embedded in email contents
- Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1l

- Implemented settings for reply/forward subject header (Re/Fwd)
- Prefix subjects with 'Fwd' when forwarding / forwarding as attachment
- Tweaked not to rely on OpenURL when clicking into mailto: links in displayed emails
- Improved email reader and writer context menus
- Fixed a rare crash when forwarding emails
- Fixed an issue with BOM byte when converting between string encodings

- Improved spellchecking functionality: when re-opening a draft for editing and on
language changes, the whole document will immediately be checked for errors. Language
changes are no longer global
- Added an optional 2nd language selector for spell checking

- Improved HTML markup code of emails

- Migrated to the new WebKit core from Wayfarer 2.x
- ICU files need to be either in PROGDIR: or MOSSYS:Data
- Ported the out-of-RAM crash handling from Wayfarer

- Added CSS sanitization when replying to HTML emails

- Implemented an option to keep original images (attachments) in quoted HTML replies

- Added a HTML quoting mode for replies

- Make sure to send a fallback name rather than IP address as the EHLO host as some servers
will reject an IP address there
- Improved mail reader's image scaling

- Reply All keeps To and CC addresses as they were in the original mail now, but removes any
emails configured in Iris' accounts or their aliases from the list
- Scales very large images down when displaying emails
- Added a spell checking selector cycle gadget to the email editor toolbar
- Added a configurable reply header text
- Fixed display of rotated images
- Fixed the quoted reply text not to contain [cid:] strings
- Mitigated a problem with TLS that would often cause crashes when Iris was used
alongside Wayfarer

- Send message/rfc822 attachments with binary encoding since several mailers won't handle
anything else

- Updated to latest vmime library, cleaned up the MorphOS patches
- Upstreamed several vmime fixes and changes
- Fixed vmime weak pointer usage in the IMAP module
- Added an 'iconify on close button' setting

- It's now possible to display all (raw) email headers (via message view context menu)
- Present unread message subjects in bold in wide email list views
- Simplified the response subject generation code
- Fixed an exception re-throwing issue in libvmime that caused Iris getting stuck in
ENOTCONN state after a network failure
- Fixed charset encoding when replacing an incorrect word with a dictionary suggestion
(will still show a ? for characters outside the current codepage in the context menu,
at least until 3.16 is out)
- Fixed Learn/Ignore context menu functionality

- Worked around a problem where a lookup of source message would fail when viewing an
MDN response if the MDN response wasn't fully RFC compliant
- UI improvements in the email writer window
- Clear the filter string when changing the active folder
- Moving a message to a different folder did not unload it in the reader view
- Updated Aboutbox credits with all the translators
- Added a link to the Privacy Policy of Iris to the main menu
- Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Iris from reconnecting after a network error
until it was restarted
- Added a workaround for Iris not terminating on quit in some cases

- Implemented MDN (read receipt) support, both requesting and sending a receipt
- Fine tuned the glossary, fixed some encoding issues
- Tweaks and improvements in the text editor

- Implemented a glossary

- Implemented advanced search
- Minor UI improvements in the mail writer window
- Added a button to view all attachments at once

- Further refined email suggestions
- Implemented a workaround for broken servers when new messages are found in folders that
are already open

- Improved the email address suggestions when typing in To fields, Iris now learns and ranks
suggestion by the user's choices when writing emails
- Improved shutdown times
- Fixed a case where the shutdown animation would play a very long time before quitting
- Adds the signature when creating a message via 'Forward as Attachment'
- Swap To/From fields when replying to a message in Sent folder
- Jump to next object on return key in To/Subject fields in message writer
- Fixed to save the open state of the folder tree nodes
- Readjusted icon order in attachment buttons to unify the reader/writer menus
- New messages in a locally mapped Sent folder have the Seen flag set by default
- Fixed a race between loading email address cache and setting up email accounts which
resulted in duplicates when suggesting email addresses in To fields

- Implemented displaying message importance state in messages list
- Implemented setting message importance for sent messages
- Unmarking a message didn't work from the main menu, fixed
- Logs OPENMESSAGE rxcmd command processing in the Log window

- Ask before single-replying to a message that has multiple recipients settings option
- Attachments may now be dropped into the email writer windows
- Fixed a use-after-free when changing the toolbar button settings
- Fixed a MUI object management issue when adding/removing attachments

- Additional toolbar functions, buttons may be configured in Settings
- Implemented 'Edit as New', 'Move to Spam' message functionality
- Corrected some inconsistencies with unread message counts in local mapped folders
- Marking all messages as read now supported for local mapped folders

- Added an icon for messages with multiple recipients
- Added a post-asl settings window before mapping a local folder
- Fixed a use-after-free crash when changing the main window layout
- Fixed the update check being fired before WebKit is warmed up enough to handle it
- Fixed several minor resource leaks
- Synchronize of a mapped folder checks for new/missing files while Reload Index does a hard
reload now

- Local mapped folders can now be renamed in the Iris folder tree
- Fixed saving folder function for local folders
- Fixed local folder synchronization issues, Synchronize accounts rescans local folder contents,
opening a local folder triggers a resync

- !! Arexx port now named IRIS, not IRIS.1
- Save Message / Forward as Attachment didn't work for mapped local folders
- Fixed an issue where Quit popup wouldn't always show up where appropriate

- Implemented mapping of email directories on disk (originating from other mail apps)
- Improved thread setup so that Iris workers trigger the crash reporter
- Main menu's folder/messages items reflect current selected folder/messages' capabilities
- Fixed a use-after-free in libvmime

- Faster folder index loading/saving
- Fixed a crash in loader when closing Iris on its own screen
- Fixed a crash when closing email sub-windows
- Implemented an online update check

- Implemented uploading message files into the IMAP folders
- Fixed issues with non-standard SMTP flows where Drafts folders isn't used
- Fixed to store Drafts/Sent Upload Sending settings

- Fixed context menus crashing in the web view
- Improved navigation in subwindows
- Fixed sub-windows loading wrong messages when triggered by threaded lists
- Fixed several use-after-free bugs
- Fixed never to dispose a WebKitty instance on a subthread

- Adapted the Wayfarer loader / bug reporter
- Fixed POP3 support
- Fixed use-after-free when re-building the folders tree
- Added two advanced Transport (SMTP) settings that control how Drafts and Sent folder are
handled. Should only be used on broken/problematic servers
- Added first localizations

- Next/Previous message buttons in email reader popup windows
- Migrated to libicu for all charset conversions
- Updated printing from Wayfarer/WebKitten
- Editing a draft would sometimes strip out all newlines

- Migrated to the new WebKitten, dropped all OWB remains (same code as the WebKitty Wayfarer links
but many unneeded features stripped from WebCore)
- Printing unified with Wayfarer
- REXX ATTACH command adds the attachment to the last opened writer window now

- Fixed a crash in auto-configuration
- Minor UI improvements in auto-configuration
- Updated OpenSSL, curl, nghttp2

- Fixed backwards compatibility issues with MorphOS 3.13

- Fixed a potential crash on disposal

- Added Sign in with Google buttons to the Gmail configuration flow

- Implemented plain text extraction when replying to emails that are HTML-only
- Fixed an issue with charset converted which in some cases treated US-ASCII as UTF-8
- Fixed a crash if the printing window was closed while loading the email
- Removed the non-working Save as PDF menu entry (saving as PDF is available via Printing
- Improved ASL path serialization to avoid the issue where an ASL would treat the last
path component as a file name
- Fixed replying to Outlook .msg files

- Fixed displaying of Outlook .msg files

- Fixed a problem with Drafts upload when sending messages via wp.pl
- Fixed a problem with email list selection being retained after folder change
- Tweaked printer Page Format handling

- Restored EXPUNGE when deleting emails
- Added a way to input a readable password when configuring new account
- Improved attachment handling in the email editor
- Fixed internal message counts after deleting single messages in a folder (making
'reload index' functionality fail, etc)
- Fixed a crash in auto-configuration window when pressing 'Show all settings'
- Fixed printer profile scanner

- Fixed a quirk that prevented new messages being added to folder indexes when syncing
IMAP folders
- One more wp.pl workaround for invalid character encoding in STATUS replies (UTF-7
instead of 7-bit)

- Added a workaround to the IMAP parser to fix wp.pl's IMAP access
- Minor UI improvements in folder subscriptions manager

- Fixed a folder_not_found error when trying to view a message in a previously
opened folder after a reconnect
- Fixed a vmime library crash due to unchecked weak_ptr access
- Minor fixes in error reporting

- Implemented folder subscription functionality
- Updated the Odyssey networking component
- Improved the Log window, added Save Log functionality, more verbose error messages
- Improved offline handling
- Fixed an issue with GMail SMTP/IMAP conflict when sending emails
- Fixed Yahoo support in OAuth2 auto-configuration
- Added an OAuth2 info window while re-authorizing access in web browser
- Added a way to save/preview attachments in the email writer
- Re-written network exceptions handling
- Re-designed reconnection handling
- Refactored automatic folder refresh code
- Fixed the folder icon selector
- Fixed a crash in the printing dialogs if no printers were found in system
- Fixed reporting of some of the actions in the log / log window
- Fixed an optimized equality code path when comparing addresses
- Disabled some stray debug messages

- Added a print button to the toolbar
- Enabled a toolbar in the reader window
- Fixed an issue where entering an unreadable folder would not clear the messages list
- Added new/unread message counts to the iconify message
- Added a 'Default Sender' setting
- CC/BCC fields state is now serialized

- Added support for in-reply-to and references message headers
- Tweaked auto-configuration UI to make configuring emails in domains governed by
OAuth2 providers easier
- Disabled non-gmail threading for now

- Fixed aggregation setting serialization
- Fixed and optimized thread lookup by subject

- Improved email list thread support
- Fixed a bug that prevented opening attachments in an external viewer

- Added a basic experimental thread support for non-GMail accounts
- Updated OpenSSL and other 3rd party components

- Fixed loading resources (attachments) with non-ASCII filenames into WebKit
- Cleaned-up the threading basics

- Fixed two crashes

- Added thread sorting order to the email list
- New CSS styling for messages & threads

- Displays message threads with GMail
- Fixed webview's scroll-on-click bug that broke text selection
- Optimized folder index loading/saving
- Improved OAuth2 token expiration handling

- Initial printing support
- New dis/re-connection handling code

- Improved focus and font handling in the email editor
- Nicer styling of email header display

- Implemented Drag&Drop of emails into folders
- Refactored all actions performed on multi-selected email lists to fix the problem
where only pre-loaded emails would be handled by the action
- Multi-selected emails in Forward as Attachment action all land in one target email
- Fixed several VMime issues related to sockets handling
- Fixed embedding images in emails, added a mime type check on embedding
- Corrected some typos

- Finished the quick SMTP path for servers that automatically upload emails sent via SMTP
to their respective Sent folders (like GMail)
- Added an ATTACH arexx command
- Session handler fixed to request new OAuth2 keys before they expire - fixes a disconnect
from GMail after 1 hour of running Iris
- Fixed not to leave outgoing messages in Drafts on the server
- Fixed the encoding of attachment names when sending emails
- Fixed a race condition in the OAuth2 handler
- Fixed an issue where emails would sometimes not be sent out
- Fixed a missing nullptr check in the cache synchronization routine
- Added a missing nullptr check in the browser class of the WebKit integration

- Heavily optimized address handling routines
- Fixed two late disposal issues which caused account autoconfigurator to dangle on
app's quit or after closing the autoconfiguration window
- Improved html sanitization when sending rich-text emails

- Fixed the html editor view being non-editable when opened without contents
- Fixed email caching aggregating addresses with a different name but same email together
- Fixed folder sorting when adding a new account
- Fixed a case where some folders wouldn't show up right after configuring a new GMail account
- Addressed a possible crash after dis/re-connecting to a store

- Implemented Reply-To support when replying messages
- Improved debug verbosity when LoadURI fails

- Implemented an email address cache and email inline completion in To/CC/BCC strings
- Added password/pin authentication to the crypto storage (where passwords and tokens are stored)
- Fixed a race condition in OpenSSL initialization

- Improved email rich-text editor
- Fixed Learn/Ignore in the editor
- No longer defaults to Catalan as default spelling language

- Updated Odyssey core, fixes spellchecking in the email editor
- Updated Odyssey's deps (curl and co)
- Migrated to OpenSSL 1.1.1c
- Updated VMime to the latest github state
- Switched to ObjFW runtime library
- Removed MorphOS 3.11 optimizations (enables better Unicode support in certain UI elements)
- Iris no longer runs on MorphOS 3.11!

- Added a workaround for Yahoo IMAP APPEND problem that prevented plaintext
emails from being sent correctly
- Fixed a problem where some errors when sending emails didn't correctly mark the message
with the failed flag
- Updated to use latest spellchecker APIs

- Implemented forwarding messages as attachments
- INBOX folder wouldn't always be detected correctly (happened on Yahoo)
- Fixed an UI issue where sending an email (making the Outgoing folder pop up) would
reload contents of current folder
- Fixed sending of emails from accounts that had no Drafts/Sent folder
- Fixed the 'view in external browser' feature (for attachments)

- Nice folder icons, icons for errored/draft messages in the Outgoing folder
- Folder settings (accessible from menu)
- It is now possible to create and delete IMAP folders
- Closed state of a folder tree is now serialized
- Fixed a UTF-7 decoder bug (caused Greek GMail to fail, for example)
- Fixed a crash when parsing a server-side modified folder structure
- Fixed a scroll-to-top issue when progressively adding list entries while scrolling
- Fixed a crash in session shutdown/resource tracking

- If an attachment has mime application/octet-stream but its extension doesn't match
that and matches a different known mime, accept the extension. Works around issues
with broken email clients
- Fixed an OAuth2 issue with Outlook

- Attachments in email views got new icons and a 'download and view in external viewer'
button for types that can't be displayed internally
- Added a 'Save all Attachments' button
- Added an 'OPEN' rexx cmd

- Load Message will now load Outlook .msg files (excluding purely RTF emails)
- Fixed a bug that caused downloaded attachments to remain in the Tmp directory
(Iris also makes sure to purge any stale files in Tmp on init now)
- Improved mime type handling - fixes file names of extensions/embedded images when
they are attached as a name without extension and mime type
- Improved handling of embedded images

- Fixed spelling language settings
- Fixed encoding of spelling suggestions when replacing the incorrect string

- Switched to utf-aware spellchecker.library v51
- Fixed several issues with the spell checker

- Added spell checking to the html editor
- Added Save as PDF (only the email loaded into a html view can be saved)
- Fixed a crash when doing NOOP on a disconnected but open folder
- Fixed saving/viewing attachments of offline messages

- Switching between several displayable email components only worked once per component
due to a bug in tmp file lookup

- Fixed an issue related to saving attachments from an email open in a separate window
after the active folder has changed in the main window
- Improved server disconnection handling
- Fixed a crash in vmime related to IMAP folder access

- Rewritten connection handling to improve performance and fix connection
issues over time

- Unread messages count could sometimes be negative due to an overflow
- Improvements in the email editor; added default font (can be changed in settings)

- Connected servers will periodically poll for new messages
- Fixed a long-standing reconnection problem where internal exception routing would
skip over the actual reconnection routine
- Fixed an OAuth2 issue which caused servers to reject authentication if they weren't
used for a long time (days) so that the refresh token expired - this delegates
login back to the web browser as required by OAuth2
- Worked around an imap.wp.pl issue where the server returns messages in a
random order instead of sorting them by uid
- Fixed a Sent folder refresh issue after sending an email
- Fixed a wrong UID count in folder issue causing server commands to fail after emptying
a folder

- Minor speed optimizations when loading a folder index file from disk
- Fixed html editor/viewer context menus
- Fixed the icon
- Added a PayPal button

- Updated the underlying vmime library to its current latest and greatest state
from github
- Iris (and vmime) are now built using GCC 8
- Fixed an input parsing bug that could in some cases lead to an infinite loop
when preparing a message to be displayed
- Fixed an issue with HTML views not rendering anymore after closing a message window
- Fixed: The message loader thread used in Load Message didn't have enough stack,
leading to a disastrous end when opening emails from file that had a more complex
structure (attachments)

- Fixed: ASL requesters would not appear due to the app running out of signals

- Integrated WebKit - OWBSlave is no more
- Fixed a folder syncing error after emptying a folder

- Fixed the bug where Iris would send an email without contents if editing in
html mode and some other html view was opened while editing
- Tweaked the toolbar to avoid inflating the size of the folders column

- Detects urls in non-HTML emails and converts them into links when displaying in
html viewer
- Minor UI cosmetics

- Signatures in Account settings
- A toolbar in the main window
- Link support in the HTML editor
- No longer adds <br> when replying to emails when the HTML editor is disabled

- Added a 'Marked' items sorting order to the email list

- Folder menu actions force the associated storage (account) online now
- Email save/load, attachment and other paths are now serialized in settings
- Don't show read-only folders in the Move window

- Added move functionality to the message list ctx menu
- New toolbar icons by icons8.com

- It is now possible to move messages between folders (within the same account
of course)
- Fixed a synchronization issue where if a new message arrived after the initial
synchronization but before a folder was initially opened, the folder contents
was totally rejected due to sanity loss (resulting in index being re-downloaded
the next time the folder was open)
- Fixed a synchronization issue where, in really rare cases, duplicate messages
would be shown if a sync was started while the folder was already open for viewing

- Fixed a case where duplicate entries could show up in a messages list after sync
- New Folder screen menu in the main window with Mark All Messages as Read, Empty
Folder and synchronization functions

- Separate window menus for main window, reading, writing and other windows
- Activity LEDs in the folder tree
- Added Select All/Unread/None to messages list context menu
- Added a context menu to the html editor & reader
- Small delay in refreshing the sent folder when finalizing sending emails, fixes some
issues with sent emails not appearing in the folder
- Writer window has a verification requester when closing the window / terminating Iris
- Added a privacy policy to the Aboutbox window
- Optimized setting flags on multiple messages at once

- Added a context menu to the messages list

- Fixed the HTTP header in the OAuth2 server
- Drafts can now be saved even with an empty To address
- Added a nice animation when configuring an account

- Drafts in Outgoing Messages
- Fixed deleting messages from Outgoing Messages folder
- Fixed viewing attachments in Outgoing Messages
- Fixed Outgoing Messages' folder message count updates
- Fixed a case where the writer type setting wasn't respected
- Editor's Send/Save buttons ghosted until attachments are ready
- Deleted emails get unloaded from viewer

- Fixed empty email view windows in 2 column mode
- Removed some stray unconditional debug

- Fixed some refresh/sorting related issues post layout change
- Fixed keyboard navigation in the email list

- Main window layout settings
- It's now possible to use Scintilla as the text viewer and editor
- Corrected tab (de)activation of the email editor
- Folder synchronization: faster synchronization in case remote emails were added
and then deleted by another client in-between Iris synchronizations
- Better error handling in Outgoing Manager w/ extra log messages

- Fixed some folder synchronization issues that broke in b29

- An Outgoing Manager w/ Outgoing Folder where emails are serialized before
they are transported via SMTP. Handles synchronization to IMAP Drafts/Sent
and will figure out on its own whether an accounts SMTP auto-uploads emails
to IMAP Sent folder or not

- Fixed: quoted-printable decoder did not handle several edge cases and
non-standard encodings right

- MIME parts missing a Content-Type header assume text/plain instead of
application/octet-stream. Fixes displaying emails sent from SimpleMail

- Serialized index loading when synchronizing folders in order to speed things
up on non-SSD drives
- Compiled with a new toolchain for a >30% (!) boost in performance
- Experimental local storage mode for IMAP. Please note that for now, all email
actions will be ignored while offline (!). Storing emails can be enabled
in the Storage tab of account settings
Also note that only new messages will be downloaded once you enable local
storage - to force downloading of old messages, visit a given folder.
- Custom certificates can now be saved per account/transport
- Folder refresh now logged only if some emails were actually downloaded
- Fixed: invalid certificate handling crashed in auto-configuration / Add Account
- Fixed: certificate failure handling path leaked memory and signals
- Fixed: changing account storage from POP3 to IMAP and vice versa meant that
the folders list would not refresh anymore

- Reduced the memory footprint when doing full folder synchronizations
- Send email using aliases supported by the configured accounts
- Yahoo! Mail now works with OAuth2
- Added an X-Mailer field to outgoing messages
- Fixed: viewing messages while updating existing messages in a folder would
lead to bogus unread messages count displayed in the folder tree
- Fixed: email contents window would appear on Ambient screen even if Iris
was open on a public screen
- Fixed: SMTP message store setting would revert back to default after applying

- Email viewer displays some basic error on failure now, instead of just showing
the loading animation forever
- Fixed: OAuth2 wouldn't always migrate to new settings correctly
- Fixed: OAuth2 could never complete in some cases
- Fixed: if the latest message in folder was removed on server, it was not removed
from the local cache

- Reworked job priority queue to avoid situations where one has to wait for email
contents for too long
- Folder full sync jobs can now be done in steps (unlocks email reading while syncing)
- Fixed email counts in the folder tree for IMAP
- Reworked auto-configuration for OAuth2 providers
- Added Yahoo! Mail OAuth2 provider (does NOT work at the moment)
- Cut text (cmd+x) shortcut added to the email writer
- Revamped transport security settings - now a switch between TLS, STARTTLS and
opportunistic STARTTLS
- When replying or forwarding mail, an appropriate flag on the source email is set
- Fixed: quick folder synchronization would call Close on a fh twice if ChangeMode()
- Fixed: Removing an account did not kill the entry from the settings list
- Fixed: After an account was removed but not removed from the list, collecting
properties for the non-existing account threw exceptions
- Fixed: there was a rather nasty race condition in the main Session class
- Fixed: after adding a message to a folder and synchronizing the folder, each time
it was synchronized, the message would duplicate in the index

- Iris now has a quick update path - all folders are updated right after the connection
is established. This is done in the background, but only after you've visited each
folder at least once with this beta (Iris needs to overwrite the cache file due to
format change)
- Added Message->Load so saved messages can now be viewed in Iris
- Only sends plaintext email part if no html styling was used in the contents
- Time zone fixes
- Fixed POP3 folder contents loading (would jump trying to activate messages at random)
- Fixed: the internal file copy routine would always try to delete the source file
when done
- Better handling of folder message counts when doing the initial update
- Quoting support in HTML emails
- Fixed: writer window's layout would go bad if a last attachment was removed
- Fixed: when replying emails Re: would sometimes be empty

- Added Message>Save... to the menu (there's Open too, but doesn't do anything ;)
- Added Message->Reply All... to the menu
- Solved an inconsistency issue where latest message could never appear in a folder
- Solved a crash when replying to a message (directly from main window)

- Solved a folder purging issue where messages would remain in local index if the
folder got emptied by some other mailer, etc
- Solved an issue where messages could disappear from the folder cache

- CC/BCC fields available in email writer, CC in reader
- 'WRITE address' arexx command, email addresses in email viewer are clickable now (in the header)
OpenURL configuration:
Name: Iris
Path: SYS:Applications/Iris/Iris
ArexxPort: IRIS.1
Show/Hide: SHOW
Write Mail: WRITE "%a"
Clicking on addresses requires this to be set up!
- It's now possible to view emails, etc while the folder is being updated
- Nicer quoting in email reader
- Fixed a folder cache consistency problem, there's currently no way to invalidate
a broken cache from the app though - just delete the Cache directory
- Fixed a threading issue and the last stubborn memory leak on quit I wasn't able to find
for at least a year :P
- Fixed a 100% cpu usage loop on disconnect/quit that I've introduced in beta18 :(

- Three column view (there's actually more but no ui for the prefs yet ;)
- Email filtering (with To:, From:, > yyyy[-mm[-dd]], <, = as keywords at beginning)
- Improved retries on some network errors
- Last viewed message remembered per folder (IMAP only feature)
- Reenabled NOOPs
- Message viewing requests can now be cancelled internally (speeds up things when you switch
between messages in the list w/o waiting for them to finish dl'ing)
- Reconnects on more types of networking errors, should improve handling of some servers

- Clicking on the flags column title filters by Unread emails
- Folder email count updates as messages are read, deleted or have
flags changed
- Slightly faster initial folder state fetch & update
(CPU and network changes)
- Deleting messages, incl. moving them into Trash folders
- Optimized string caching routines for speed
- Fixed a couple of memory leaks
- Disabled NOOPs for now

- Fixed email list titles with reversed sorting orders
- Hopefully fixed list title layout issue
- Restored the old folder data driver for POP3 accounts,
use IMAP if you want sorting
- NOOP could crash and die with an uncaught exception, fixed

- Sorting by date/subject/address, saved per folder
- Column ordering, saved by folder - defaults will be in settings,
a few betas in the future
- Refactored folder handling - I'd recommend deleting the Cache folder
to purge junk, old folders won't be used by new beta
- Sends periodic NOOP keepalives to connected servers

- Fixed a missing super in MUIM_Cleanup that caused main window
iconification to start throwing up MUI error messages into log
- Fixed the html message viewer's content to be properly escaped where
it needs to be, fixes missing email address in the header

- Folder indexing - faster folder browsing, only new message headers
are retrieved from the server when syncing
(yes, it makes certain actions like reading emails delayed until the syncs
are finished, this will be mitigated later)
- Writing emails: fixed To field handling, foo <email> and comma separator
are now correctly handled. Fixed To/Subject max lengths
- Multi-selection in the message list
- Fixes in message flag setting
- Fixed copy to clipboard in the message reader

- Support for replying messages
- Optimized folder browsing on IMAP to avoid request servers need
more time to handle
- Fixed: html email's styles would sometimes spill over the whole
- Fixed: opening a message from menu opened the text-only view
- Fixed: non-ASCII characters were mangled in several places due to
the fact that UTF8->native charset conversion was done twice :)
- Fixed: it was not possible to change the address name/email in
account settings
- Fixed: Multiple vulnerabilities to Mailsploit

- Uses Ambient to detect file types of files being attached
- Email list status icons
- Unified and reworked attachment handling
- Progress bars on the bottom bar and a Log Window
- OWBSlave: fixed loading of remote images
- Accounts settings: fixed 'Apply' requesters popping up even when
nothing was changed
- Fixed: opening a folder updates message counts in folder tree

- Messages come with text/plain and text/html now
- Embedded images are now displayed as attachments too and
can be saved and viewed like other attachments
- Refactored temporary file handling to avoid 'leaks' in Tmp
- Fixed: performance was shit when performing data down/uploads
- Fixed: when pushing a sent message into the IMAP smtp folder,
mark the message as Seen
- Fixed a UTF7<>UTF7Modified converter inside vmime
- Fixed vmime to actually disconnect sockets when Iris is kindly
asking it to do exactly that

- It's possible to add image attachments to emails
- Fixed: writing emails left some undeleted temporary dirs in Tmp
- Fixed: HTML read views were sometimes editable
- Fixed: clipboard support in HTML views

- Writing emails: HTML editor with basic styling
(attachments tbd next beta)
- Reading emails: attachments can now be viewed and saved
(except embedded images, tbd next beta)
- Plenty of improvements to the WebKit view handling
- Fixed 'Server stores messages in the Sent folder' functionality

- Show 'To' instead of 'From' when viewing Sent folder contents
- Fixed in charset conversion (some emails were empty)
- Fixed the bug where Iris had to be restarted after adding a new
account for the folder contents to show up
- Fixed html view not displaying anything after viewing a few
- Removed a curl_ca_bundle duplicate, Odyssey now loads it from
the same location as Iris
- Clicking links in emails brings up regular OWB now
- ! The attachment list is not functional yet

- Adds experimental HTML email viewing

- OpenSSL threading fix
- email list would crash if emails didn't have some header fields
- auto-configuring strato.de would crash with an incorrect password

- last auto-configuration page actually shows if both send/receive
succeeded or not now
- added account configuration window
- read messages marked as read now

- improvements in the email send window, Send actually closes it
now :)
- tiny animated log on the bottom bar of the main window
- plenty of various fixes, including a threading issue with SSL
- run with the TRACE attribute to enable debug traces - please get
logs this way if you encounter any problems
- updated cryptostorage.library, make sure to update!

- you can actually send emails now, wtf!?, they aren't stored in
Sent folders yet in IMAP though, oh and there's no confirmation
that the send has finished :)
- fixed a problem that caused messages list to be empty if folder
selected very early
- fixed several hits and crashes
- fixed email headers not appearing for POP3

Upload Date:May 04 2024
Size:28 MB
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