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Description:Port of Subversion (SVN) revision control system.
Developer/Porter:Christian Rosentreter

Subversion 1.5.2 Binary Release for MorphOS

This is a current build of the latest stable subversion package.

For any information about subversion itself refer to svn-book.pdf
included in this archive.

About the MorphOS Port

Unlike various other builds it doesn't suffer from obvious bugs, but
there still might be hidden porting issues. It's a big package
after all. It works fine for me, but it might fail for you.

Anyway, it works very stable for my personal requirements. Further
I know people who also have it running as server (works only with
InetD mode, so you must tweak your TCP/IP stack configuration
accordingly. Standalone mode is not possible. I tested it personally
with an older version in combination with MiamiDX which worked
fine at least).


To install subversion for MorphOS just merge all files from the
'usr' directory to 'GG:usr/'

You might need to tweak GG:sys/s/gg-startup to include /usr/bin
in the PATH variable:

-------- 8< ------------


if not exists env:PATH
; /gg/usr/bin == /usr/bin (but useful to have in case we redirect usr:
echo ":/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/mossys/c:/c:/gg/usr/bin:." >env:PATH


; use gg:-absolute paths here (in case we temp redirect usr: for save
; make install
path gg:usr/bin add
path gg:usr/local/bin add


-------- 8< ------------

All in all the installation shouldn't be a problem at all for
an experienced developer, like you. :)


Developers: see COMMITERS.
MorphOS Port: Christian Rosentreter <tokai@binaryriot.org>


Web: http://tokai.binaryriot.org/public/

IRC: irc.freenode.net #morphos
irc.freenode.net #svn

Upload Date:Oct 14 2016
Size:9 MB
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